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I have a Golden retriever and a Chocolate lab. They both are males and get along very well with the cats. They even let Callie keep believing she's a dog.
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We just added Max, a treeing walker hound, to our family in january. He's around 3 and came from the SPCA, so, like many shelter dogs, he has some alpha issues. He had lived with cats previously, and he likes Sammy and Lola, though they don't cuddle together or anything.....but will sleep separately on the same surface such as a corner of the carpet, or the sofa. He has definitely taken over top spot of the three animals, due to both his size (70lbs) and personality. He and Sammy get along pretty much full time, but Max doesn't always think Lola should leave the bedroom (her "home" while they were still separated). We've been working on this issue and progress is being made. He'll now only chase her back to her room some of the time, which is an improvement. Also, he is now spending some time in the bedroom with Lola, which is helping her relax around him and helping him get used to seeing her normal behaviours, which we're hoping with contribute to his acceptance of her throughout the apartment. We have socialized them to the point where they can basically be around each other with no problems unless there is human food involved.....if we're eating and Sam is closer to us than Max is, Max sometimes might get a little upset about it, even though neither of them is getting any of our food. We find that repeating "no food, Sammy" helps Max realize that we're not giving Sam anything (it's amazing how fast Max learned Sammy's name). But other than that specific situation, they're cool.
Max IS a hound and he likes to dominate by size and chasing, running past Sammy or straight at him....but when he gets up to Sammy, he's only interested in sniffing or flopping onto the ground for a rest lol. Sammy has clued into this and doesn't run anymore, which solves a lot of the chasing problem. We're still working on the "no-chase" command, but, as with many shelter dogs, we'll have to be patient and dedicated before all is "perfect" (or close enough).
I should mention that hounds are not always good with smaller animals like cats, and that we were aware of the work ahead of us when we added Max to our furry gang. But so far, he's been a great addition, fitting into our lives very nicely. It looks like, with some time and commitment, we'll all be living happily ever after
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Right now we have a shih-tzu/JRT mix and they basicly ignore eachother cept for when it comes to Dahlila taking Lizzies spot in the window then Lizzie pokes her in the but and on steps on her head

When we had our Springer/beagle well not a good match constantly trying to "herd" Lizzie.
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We got a 3 year old cavalier about 6 months ago and a 1 year old jack russell a couple of months later, they both settled in very quickly with the 8 cats
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We have a GSD (possibly mixed w/collie) and he's a big woos! He tries to act tough but his bark is louder than his bite. Neely knows just how to push his buttons too but fortunately they co-exist quite nicely.
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I have a Chihuahua/Papillon mix and a Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, and aside from occasional chasing, they all get along just fine!
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Well, I have Zoey she's a 2 year old Jack Russel Beagle mix, and then I have Keishia, she'sa 3 year old German Sheperd Wolf hyrbid. She doesn't pay any mind to the kittens, but Zoey is just amazed by them.
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I have an 8yo Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix, but he's "so-so" about the cats. He LOVES them but is still learning about boundaries. He was great with them until Molly came along (Molly isn't afraid of him so Jake can sniff her all he wants). So now Jake has been trying to get close to Buffy to sniff her too but she flips out, and then Jake doesn't know what to do. He acts before he thinks, lol

Mentally (or is it Emotionally?) Jake is great with the cats. He means no ill-harm and truely likes them, but the herding instinct in him is strong so sometimes we end up with a chase or a fight (which usually follows a chase; the victim cat is "protected" by her fellow cat-mate. Usually it's Buffy who gets chased and Willow who protects, lol). Nobody gets hurt except Jake, though once Willow got a goose egg on her belly after a particularly nasty fight.
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I have 2 mini longhaired Dachshunds, Heidi and Princess and my DSH Tuxedo cat Smokey.

Smokey was the first pet, we got him 3 years ago in our apartment, when we moved last year and bought our new home, we bought 2 mini doxies,

The dogs are now 1yr old and Smokey pretends he is a Doxie!!!, They all get along fine,

When we were searching for a good breed, we decided that the dogs must be smaller than the cat, because Smokey baby was there first!!!!, He is about 14 lbs or so, the mini doxies are 10lbs and Heidi is a bit bigger she is 14lbs, but much shorter than Smokey.

They have tons of fun running around the house. Smokey lays on the dining room chairs and he paws at the dogs and plays this game of Catch me if you can... it is hysterical..
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Here is my Max. He is a Sheltie. Adopted at 4 years old from the Humane Society. He is now 7ish. I don't think I have ever seen a Sheltie whose ears didn't fold over at the tips.

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I have 3 old english sheepdogs
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i have an english pointer, she loves the cats and likes to play games with them, i swear she thinks she's the same size as them, unfortionately she isn't, she's big, lanky and ungainly and the cats don't really like playing with her, pandy used to play with her when she was a pup but now she's bigger pandy won't have any of it

mostly she just chases pandy around the house, pandy swats her on the nose sometimes but they do get along okay, as long as anassa stays out of pandy's personal space...bonnies a different story altogether, if nass gets too close bonnie either gets an expression like she's smelled something bad or she glares, sometimes nass pushes the bounderies but not often, the knows what will happen if she does.

i actually feel a little sorry for nass, she just wants to be part of the pack but the cats won't let her in
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I have a Doberman called Bracken

The cats are both fine with her - Lulu always stands up to her and claws her is Bracken pushes her and Bracken just gets scared and walks away, Jess is scared of her most of the time but will claw her sometimes if Bracken is annoying her
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I had two Alaskan Malamutes (Sitka had to be put down a couple of months ago because she could no longer stand up) Kaitu does well around four out of five masters. Tigger HATES dogs. We have no idea why. 4 out of 5 cats seem to not notice our Cockateil Sunshine. They know that eating family is frowned upon. Charlie (the three legged stray we rescued via "Angels with Paws" cat rescue seems to spend a lot of time "watching" Sunshine.
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Originally Posted by felton
They know that eating family is frowned upon.
lol! that's it .. i have a six y.o rottweiller x .. and if my two little kittens come near her she looks away!

my lil baby boy ( that we thought was a girl til yesterday)
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I have two Maltese, Roxy who is 6 and a half years old and Gracie who is about 18 years old. Then we have Liberty who is two years old, we've have her since she was 3 days old (we rescued momma and her five pups) she is a cross of Chihuhua and Shih Tzu(?, she's very cute but big question mark about breed). Then are newest doggie a German Shepherd/Gold Ret. Mix, she is about 3 1/2 months and towers over the other dogs and kitties. Roxy is great with kitties and even cleans our baby foster kitties, she's great with them and protects them from other doggies. Gracie is so old and doesn't even bother with the cats. Liberty treats them like dogs and they wrestle all the time, Luna, my 9 month old kitty loves it but Tobi, my 3 year old can't stand it. Lacy, my puppy is a little rough with the kitty's but is learning. She likes to bark at them. Well, those are my doggies and kitties
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We have a husky [Dutchess, 2 years] and a lab [Maggie, 2 years] with our kitties.. the only one's that don't really get along are Dutchess and Stinky..
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We had a Cardigan Corgi(Clint,14 yrs old), until last year (lost to severe arthritis) whom the cats ADORED. We got a 1 1/2 yr old female Boxer(Mattie) late this March, and needless to say, we are having an adjustment period. The good news is, Meggie, who adored Clint more than us, has finally decided to try to love on Mattie this week! I won't say it is going smoothly (Meggie wants groomed and fleaed, Mattie wants to PLAY!), but at least she isn't on top of the file cabinet anymore!
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I have a Wolf/ German Shepherd mix (Ginger) at my house with my 4 kitties and my rabbit- she's a big sweetheart....She especially loves Abilene, they always sleep together. My boyfriend and I have a Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix ( Fosters) at his house that i bring over to my duplex on occassion- he's very sweet around them too...he especially loves my siamese Jasmine- who happens to be Colin's favorite too lol....i guess he's just like his "daddy". Both dogs are very sweet around my cats.
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I have a HUGE golden retriever, Melvin (5 yo), a 3 yo black lab/rott/chow mix (Chumper...she's a girl, though), and a 16 yo chow/boxer mix (Ginger). They do great with the cats...Chumper will get a bit territorial (it's the rott/chow in her), and a bit too rambunctious with Steuben, my 11 week old kitten. He'll usually just swat her in the face, and run away. She's really starting to back off. I went through this shortly after I got married when I joined Fergus and Ripley with the 3 dogs, which are my husband's. Chumper LOVED to bark and chase them, so they of course, hate her passionately. Fergus, Ripley, and Steuben get along well with Melvin and Ginger...in fact, old Ginger-girl has been a great surrogate mommy to little Steuben...he sleeps in her arms almost every day.
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This is Miss Zoey Looking like she's a scaredy cat

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I love your dog halfpint. I always wanted one of those but hubby said no cause they are lazy dogs...LOL but I have a min pin and a blue healer in the house with my cats well min pin is hubbies.
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We have Jake...He is a Vizsla/Lab Mix... more Vizsla then anything.
We've only had him about a month but he seems to be getting along with the furballs... Tiger tries to put up a front like he hates Jake, but we know better We have caught them licking each other. Tiger will jump up and hiss at Jake like "you're NEVER supposed to let the human know we get along!"
Reilly could care less about Jake. She does her own thing. She tolerates him but also lets him know she wont be chased around!
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I have a 9 year old Lhasa Apso/Terrier she didn't like the first kitten I brought home [who ended up passing away] she would ignore him, but when I brought Napolean home at 12 weeks she played with him and they would fight all the time playfully.

I then got a 13 week old puppy in October last year, and her and the cat got on smashingly. She's a mutt, mom was border collie/cocker spaniel, dad was rottweiler/shepherd/wolf. They love to play and chew on each other, and sometimes at night Napolean will groom her :p
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I have a rat terrier named Lilly but I had a pit lab mix with Tavia. And I live with my dad and he has a rat terrier and my sister's dog is staying with us and she is a boxer. And I have come to find out that boxers are awesome dogs. My rat terrier is good with my cat. But I am careful to raise dogs with my cat so that they see her as the alpha.
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I have two cats and 2 dogs. I have a german shep/ husky mix and an australian shepard. They get along with the cats except for the australian shep. doesnt like to be attacked and thats what our new cat does so they are separated at this point
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Lab mix, saint bernard mix and a dauchaund live with my cats.

I was asking her......."do you love Toe-Man" and everytime, she sticks her tongue out and licks..........hehe
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My Skittleis is with a pomeranian
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We have a lab that came from a rescue. She does just fine with them...and she actually has her own kitty in out Ozzy, who is always close by her.
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Originally Posted by luvmyhorse780
I love your dog halfpint. I always wanted one of those but hubby said no cause they are lazy dogs...LOL but I have a min pin and a blue healer in the house with my cats well min pin is hubbies.

Ahhh you can't beat a basset I raised them for years, there not all lazy, zoie's pretty active but i think because she's not a real tubby. I wanted for her to have a litter but we only tried once and the male was just to weighty for her, so I had her spayed. Here is one of Dexter who we lost at 7 about 2 1/2 years now, he was his Daddy's boy we were and still are heartbroken, they have such wonderful personality's


One of Zoie when she was a baby

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