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Great! I'm glad she's doing better! The penicillin is a definite, and I was surprised the vet didn't prescribe that immediately, instead of just bute. BECAUSE of the nature of the injury and location, don't expect this to be healed quickly, as to the other problems that were causd by the injury.

She likes her mash, does she? hehe My mares love that kind of a mash.
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Originally Posted by Sea Witch
Great! I'm glad she's doing better! The penicillin is a definite, and I was surprised the vet didn't prescribe that immediately, instead of just bute. BECAUSE of the nature of the injury and location, don't expect this to be healed quickly, as to the other problems that were causd by the injury.

She likes her mash, does she? hehe My mares love that kind of a mash.

She loves it! She sees me pull in in the morns and she will come to the fence all excited! (work nights)
Yes, she is looking good, compared to how she has been, she is still slow and wobbles, chewing is slow and she still drops it. For her to look like she did before or almost like she did, will be weeks or even months this will be a slow time for her to be completely recovered from this incident, it wasn't a little bump on the noggin or a slight concussion.
But there is quiet an improvment over all.
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Nope, just eyeballing it was definitely not just a little bump or concussion. I'm still flabbergasted that the vet did not have you bring her in for xrays asap.

I'd still be looking for a different vet for this girl, personally.
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Any updates on your mare?
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What a rough week! Jezebel is doing well, much better. She can eat better and is walking with out falling so we think she will be ok some day. We think she may acually be ridable at some point, too early to say for sure now. She started to get an infection, and started swelling a bit, so we uped the penacillian, and that seems to be working. She still has trouble contolling her mouth to eat and her lips and ear on the right side still droops. We think her tounge is still numb or some thing she does this funny thing with it, and she still doesn't eat well with her lips she still uses her teeth. She still has a funny step with her leg too like a hitch, if that makes sense to any one, she hits the ground harder with it, like she can't judge her steps. She also seems to spoke more, and is almost frightened or wild looking (in her eyes) almost all the time, she just doesn't act like the same horse and we don't know if she ever will. She may never act the same, but may be ok, you know what I mean? It's kind of sad really, but she is ok. If she ever completely recovers and is the same as she was it will be a long time, mabey months or longer. The dog still comes up here and will chase them if some one doesn't get after him, after all this he still doesn't tie the dog, he doesn't like to hear him bark. His mother has finally told him if she catches the dog bothering the horses again she will get a gun or call animal control, and they will have as much in fines as we had in vet bills (I am not sure what she has paid but all I could give her towards them was $140 so it was more then that) I couldn't really afford to help her with the bills, since she didn't even ask her son to help, but I did it any ways. Thanks for every one for the concern for her, and the advice, she is going to be ok.
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Glad to hear she's going to be okay. You are right, this is going to take months to recover from, at the least. All the vetting that was done was at your place? She was never taken in anywhere for more extensive and thorough exams?

As to the spooking, considering she is favoring her one side, and the one side is still showing damage and having been affected, this is something you should expect. I'll bet she spooks more whenever whatever it is that bothers her happens on her weakened side.

Still, if your mother in law is willing, she really should have more extensive examinations done, if at all possible, instead of only the barn calls and antibiotic treatment. A more extensive and thorough exam will tell you whether or not more can be done for her or not at this point in time.
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I guess I spoke too soon She went crazy in the barn this morning and almost killed my mother-in-law. She reared and charged and she ended up going through the floor even. She doesn't think she can see, and she isn't right, some thing is wrong mentally with her, she had done this once or twice before. But not this bad. She has decided she isn't feeding a "dead horse" and is afraid some one (like my 3 yr old) is going to get hurt, and she is taking her back to the neighbors monday, he buys and trades them and does auctions, he is where she bought him from. She will end up being shipped off, and I think this is th end of the line for her I didn't know that there where any kill buyers around, but I guess, that is where she is going to end up, that's all who will buy her now and she has made her mind up to send her off. I just can't stand the thought of Jezebel being dog food I don't know if I can have this thread put in the rainbow bridge or if I can post about her there after we ship her off or not, since I won't know when she will be killed, but I know she is going to be, and I am too sad to think about it, I will never see her after monday, and before I bawl in front of my daughter I better stop talking about it, so there probley won't be any more updates from me on this, unless monday she doesn't send her, but there is nothing more I can do to change her mind, she only kept her this long because of me, and she gave her a chance for me, but she doesn't want some one getting hurt, and she will never be right. Thanks every one for your support, and I am sorry for having such bad news and getting you all invovled to just send her off to be killed, I was really hoping for a better ending sorry
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PLEASE try and talk your mother in law into having her put down instead of auctioning her off. That would be far kinder than how she will end up. I am so sorry to hear about this.
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Originally Posted by Sea Witch
PLEASE try and talk your mother in law into having her put down instead of auctioning her off. That would be far kinder than how she will end up. I am so sorry to hear about this.

I agree...this is all so awful. I am very sorry you have to go through all of this. Poor Jezebel
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I am trying every thing I can, The neighbor didn't have room for her yesterday, so it will be about 3 days before he comes back and is ready to go back again, so that's what I am looking for on time. I will offer to pay for the vet bill for having her put down, or give her (or him ) the mabey 200 she would even get. I hate this so bad, it is killing me, she is going to put her down, then she isn't and then she is.... She loves the horse, she's got to, to keep putting off shipping her, so who knows, mabey she will decide it's wrong to do that to her, and put her down, or just give her a month more, it's not like we even ride any ways, Jezebel hadn't even been riden since last fall, so I don't know what the big deal is to keep feeding a horse she doesn't ride when she didn't any ways. So I am hoping that she will decide not to send her, when he comes back.
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Leslye, you and Jezebel are in my prayers. Hopefully, your MIL will see your compassion for Jezebel, and decide that she deserves to be put to sleep through the vets office. This could be something that is hard for her to emotionally accept, so maybe you could explain how you feel, and that you would rather be there with her, when she goes to sleep.
I am sorry that this happened and turned out the way it has. I hope that in time, the good memories can bring you joy.
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Maybe contact a horse rescue and see if you can find one that would take her, possibly placing her as a pet only after rehab?
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WOW! Thank-you! There is a rescue in unity, it's about 45 mins away, I never thought about that, I have been picking my brain on how I can find a way to save her and her get the care she needed too, that they never crossed my mind, I may give them a call today and see what they think or can do. thanks!
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I am not sure if any one will remember it or if any one who had is still here.
It was one year yesterday since Jezebel had her head trauma. She is alive and well! It was touch and go for a while and we thought we were going to loose her many times. She is now mostly as steady as she was and eats well. She hasn't been riden since then she was too unbalenced. This winter was a little hard on her, she would slip and I blame it on her injury. Once in a while if you come up on that side she can't see you as well and startles. I have begun ground work with her again, she needs it since it has been so long since she had a rider and she is doing good. I intend to be riding her soon and will ride her this summer, I may also be buying her from my M~I~L and when we move take her with me. I feel very conected to her since she was going to be put down and I throw a fit and took care of her and most of her vet bills after it happened! So mabey some day she will be mine! (atleast she will be mine to ride for now!)
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I am so glad things are looking up for dear Jezabel
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Aw, that's great! I was surprised to see this thread come up, so I'm glad it is for a good reason!
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I remember this thread! I am glad Jezebel is still doing well.
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I was not here when all this happened, but I am so glad to hear that Jezebel is alive and ok now.

I am so glad that ya'll were here for this beautiful animal.
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I know many have said this...but the dogs owner..regardless of who is or who he's related to has to be made responsible for his dog. I have three dogs and they aren't little things and there are horses in the field next to my home. My basset has actually gotten away from me and into that field and I had to spend a VERY LONG time chasing him through that field to get him away from the horses. The dog sounds like he needs to be rehomed to someone more responsible and willing to give him the training and care he needs.

I'm so sorry about your horse! That had to be such a horrible experience for you.
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I remember- I, too, was wondering what was going on that it was back up ! I'm glad she's doing better! It would be nice if your MIL would just let you have her, after all you've put into her and her recovery...
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After reading all 5 pages of this thread Ive only got 2 things to say. Do something about that dog! Go talk to your BIL yourself you are partial owner of the horse so you have to protect her. If his mom wont do anything than someone needs to step up...And I totally agree with the paint ball theory. That will teach that dog to stop messing with your horses. I cant stand to hear my dog bark but that doesnt stop me from having him penned in the kitchen because he destroyed a leather couch and numerous toys and shoes. You just have to protect whats yours. And putting the owner in his place regardless of family connection needs to be done. If it was my moms horse she would have been over there tearing him a new you know what!!!!
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