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Anyone hear of HealthyPetNet?

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Anyone ever hear of Advanced Daily Supplement for Cats by HealthyPetNet?

I responded to a post in the classifieds once for free samples from them and that they were looking to hire animal lovers to sell their food in local pet shops or something like that....

ANYWAYS, he sent me a box of treats once and asked if I was interested in working there, I wasn't sure, blah blah, he sent another box of samples...

One day I got a HUGE box with all kind of treats and food samples, even horse treats, and this bottle of the Suppliment. The guy ended up quitting and sent me all his leftover samples.

It sounds like something that maybe shouldnn't be given without vet approval and I don't plan on using it. It says on the label, contains Phytonutrient Power, supports cats overwell well-being & nautral defenses.
Just wondering if anyone has heard of or used it?
Or has more info on the company.

I have a senior cat and I was thinking about the possibility of putting him on something (vet approved of course) some sort of suppliment. I want his older years to go as smoothly as possible so I will take precautions of I need to. I don't really know where to start with that. All my cats are on high quality food so that is step one.

Any insight on that too would be appreciated. I know it is a totally different topic
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I never used any of their treats or supplements, but I did feed my cats their food for a few months. The cats loved the food and I was real pleased, but with the growing population of furbabies in this house and my checks not stretching as far I canceled my auto shipments from them and am buying their food locally.

If you go to the website you can get info on the stuff they sell I think.
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