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My new furbabies!

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Ok here are a few pictures...they are not all that good because I can't use a flash and it is dark in the closet...

This is Moe and her babies!

This is another one of them together!

This is my black one..he is more beautiful in person (boy)

This is the face of the black one

This is my grey one that looks to have bengal markings (boy)

This is my other grey (girl) she looks more like Moe and she looks kinda tabby

This is my tabby (girl) She is so pretty

I am going to try to move her and the babies out of my closet because my daughter (2yrs) can get to them.

I will try to get some better pictures of them later!

They are already fighting and they are not even 24hrs old! they were all fighting over 1 nipple..it was cute and funny!

ok i used a postal scale to weight them.

Black- 3.3oz

Tabby- 3.6oz

Grey(bengal)- 3.6oz

Grey(strip)- 3.5oz
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They are so cute and the mama is just adorable!
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ohhhh how lovely congratulations
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Awwww look at them!!!

Your cats got a gorgeous sweet face as well
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They are absolutely adorable but mama cat is gorgeous!!
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Oh, they're so sweet! Moe is beautiful, too.
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They are gorgeous! Conratulations to you and Moe!
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Moe is beautiful. What breed of cat is she? I love her little round face.
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Thanks to all of you for your compliments!

I got Moe from a friend when she was 7 weeks old...i know to young but she was the last one and she had already given all the other ones away it was either I take her or let her go somewhere else and I just couldn't pass up that beautiful kitty..her mom was exotic persian and her dad was bengal...
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That explains her huge eyes, like a Bengal, and her little round face sort of like an Exotic. She's absolutely beautiful. I have 2 Bengals, and 2 Siamese, although my Siggy only has one of my Siamese on it at the moment.
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