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Chandra Levy has been found

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her remains were just idenitfied
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Call me a pessimist, but something sounds really strange about the whole thing. The body was found in a park near her home by a man walking his dog. Didn't they search this place? Are the DC cops so inept as to miss it? They said it looked like it had been there a long time. I'm also surprised that they ID'ed it so quickly. Unless she had some really strange dental work that they would immediately identify, they just don't usually make a positive ID so soon.

I guess we'll see how it plays out, but I think something wierd is going on.
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I live near the area where she was found (about 45 minutes away) and have been watching the 'break ins' all afternoon. The area that was searched is huge and there is a lot of foliage and some of the area is wooded. The man who found her was hunting turtles with his dog, and was in an area that most (like the joggers) wouldn't be in. His dog actually discovered the skull.

I think the whole thing has been weird since she went missing, but I don't know that the discovery of the body is excessively so. She was found a mile away from a mansion (can't remember the name) that she had done an internet search on her computer the day she disapeared.

They are still trying to determind cause of death.
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It's not so much how she was found, or even where that makes it seem strange to me. I'm a bit of a true crime buff, and it seems odd to ID the body so quickly, especially skeletonized remains. Of course, AP, you are obviously getting more and better info than I am way out west.

At least they did find the remains, and can possibly get to the truth of the matter. It is truly amazing what they can do with forensic science. At least her family can have some sense of closure.
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I just heard this on the nightly news. How sad. I don't think it was weird though, like AP pointed out the media and police said it was in a very wooded and foliaged area where normal traffic of joggers and such would not be.

I hope they are able to determine the cause of death so her family can have closure to this awful event. They must be partly relieved though, at least they know her body will be buried, and she is hasn't just vanished. Reminds me a lot of that little girl from CA who was kidnapped. Remember that? It seemed to be a relief when they found her body,just to know what happened to her.

Oh, this stuff makes me so sad.
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Of course the Levy family still had some hope that she would be found alive, so they must be suffering with mixed emotions. Now we might know the truth. I just wish there would be a break in the Ramsey case.
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This saddens me so much. My prayers are with her family. Maybe know they can find out the events that led to this tragedy.
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Remains Identified As Chandra Levy
The Associated Press
May 22 2002 8:52PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - The remains of Chandra Levy were found in a Washington park Wednesday, ending an agonizing 13-month search for the former federal intern whose disappearance riveted the nation and cost a congressman his career.
Police said they still had no idea how Levy died.

A man walking his dog and looking for turtles in Rock Creek Park found a skull and other bones, Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey said. The medical examiner used dental records to confirm the remains were Levy's.

The 1,754-acre park had been scoured by police before, to no avail.

Levy's parents, Dr. Robert and Susan Levy, had expressed hope throughout the ordeal that their daughter was still alive. ``Although the discovery of Chandra's body closes one chapter and brings some resolution to this ordeal, it does not ... solve the mystery of what happened to Chandra,'' Billy Martin, the family's lawyer said. ``This is the worst nightmare that a parent can endure.''

Levy's baffling disappearance had gripped the nation for months - until last Sept. 11 - and led to the political demise of her hometown congressman, Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif.

Condit denied having anything to do with the disappearance but he acknowledged to investigators that he had an affair with her, a police source said. Condit lost the Democratic primary in his district and is in his final months as a congressman.

He said Wednesday in a statement issued by his attorney: ``Congressman Gary Condit and his family want to express their heartfelt sorrow and condolences to the Levy family. The Levy family will remain in our prayers.''

Mark Geragos, Condit's lawyer, also criticized Washington police. ``This is not a red-letter day for the D.C. police,'' Geragos said. ``Gary had nothing to do with Chandra's disappearance.''

In a late-afternoon news conference, Police Chief Ramsey said simply, ``The remains found earlier today are in fact Chandra Levy.''

The identification did not end the mystery. Ramsey said the medical examiner was working to determine the manner and cause of Levy's death.

He said the case was now a death investigation but stopped short of calling it a criminal case, pending word about how she died.

Dr. Jonathan Arden, the medical examiner, said he had received all the bones discovered in the park, but declined to describe their condition or say how long it might take to determine when and how Levy died. Arden said a Smithsonian anthropologist would help analyze the bones.

Levy, 24, of Modesto, Calif., disappeared sometime after logging off her computer about 1 p.m. on May 1, 2001. When police searched her apartment they found her wallet, credit card, computer and cell phone. Only her keys were missing.

Police searched intensively as national interest increased but turned up no solid clues. They looked at a variety of theories - murder, suicide or that Levy had gone into hiding or lost her memory.

They questioned Condit several times but repeatedly said the 54-year-old, married lawmaker was not a suspect.

Police had found evidence last year on Levy's laptop computer that she had searched a Web site for the park's Klingle Mansion on the day she vanished.

On Wednesday, bones, a jogging bra, tennis shoes and other items were found about a mile north of the mansion and about four miles away from Levy's apartment. Friends had said she frequented the park, located in northwest Washington.

Levy came to Washington for an internship with the Bureau of Prisons. In late April 2001, her internship was abruptly cut short when supervisors learned she was ineligible to continue because she had finished her college coursework the previous December.

A sociable, earnest student who enjoyed travel abroad with her family and staying fit, Levy was last seen April 30 when she canceled her membership at a health club near her apartment.

She had been preparing to return to California for graduation from the University of Southern California and sent her parents an e-mail on May 1 noting airfares for the trip home.

The Levys called police five days later when they could not reach her, and her father also telephoned Condit asking for his help.

Condit called Levy a good friend and established a reward fund to help find her. In July, he reportedly told police he was having an affair, though publicly he never made such a disclosure, saying only they shared a close relationship.

Condit, abandoned by all but a few Democratic allies, lost the Democratic primary in March to former protege Dennis Cardoza, a state assemblyman.

Within weeks of her arrival in Washington, Levy and a friend visited Condit's office, where they had their photo snapped with the congressman. He also took them to the House gallery to watch him vote. Within months Levy told family members she was having an affair with Condit.

After her disappearance, police searched Condit's apartment with his consent and obtained a DNA sample from him. Condit submitted to a lie detector test arranged by his lawyer, who said the congressman was found to be truthful when denying any knowledge about what happened to Levy
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This is such a sad way for this search to finally come to an end. It does sound a little suspicious though about her body being identified so soon, unless they IDed her because of her things they found next to her bones. I thought that the DC police did a thurough search of that park...how could they have missed her body then unless someone killed her, then placed it there? The park where they found her is somewhat close to my father-in-laws house. He lives in Virginia about 15 mins from DC.
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I'm not claiming to be an expert, but from reading and TV (love The New Detectives, about forensic scientists) it is common for a body to be found in an area that has been searched. From the news reports I saw, they reported that the body seemed to have been disturbed by animals. Perhaps that's why it's been found now, even after the area was searched. I was wondering about the quick identification, too. When I left work at 3, they were just reporting finding the body. Then, by the 6 pm news they reported it was Chandra Levy.
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They had her dental records on file since it was a missing persons case already. It only takes a short while to make a match. Of course, if it had been a corpse of someone whose records they didn't already have, I am sure it would have taken a lot longer.
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How many of you think she was murdered? I am wondering if maybe she went for a jog, and maybe fell and hit her head and lost conciousness (sp)? they said the clothing found were jogging clothes. I still think though that Condit had a part to do with it, if it wasnt an accident.
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I'm probably in the minority here, but I think Condit is guilty of being stupid enough to have an affair with a much younger intern, but that's it. I know he lied about their affair, but after what happened to Clinton, it's probably going to be a knee-jerk reaction of any politician to deny, deny, deny. And I feel very sorry for Chandra's family, but I believe that her parents focused on Condit early on and got tunnel vision. The thing that rally made me believe this is how they seemed to be ignorant of the affair, but when he was hounded into admitting it, they were like "Oh, yeah. We knew about that all along."
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I don't know what to think about how she died. I was thinking at first that she went jogging and the fell or somehow, like Tigger said and got seriously injured and no one could hear her b/c she was way off the trails. Or maybe she was being followed and she was murdered? It will be intersting to hear about how she died when they finally determine that.
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I don't have an opinion either way on how she died. There is such a broad area, that it could have been anything. She could have been stalked, she could have just had an accident, she could have collapsed and nobody found her. The possibilities are endless it seems.

I think that Condit's biggest crime though is lying about his relationship with her. Even if he had nothing to do with her death, he made himself look guilty of something by not being forth coming with all the details of their relationship. He avoided answering the questions, and made it look like he was hiding something.

It will be very interesting to hear what the cause of death was, and if it was an accident or homicide.
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I'm just sick about this. I mean, I think most of us suspected she was dead, but now we know and it's so sad. I feel so sorry for her parents. I just hope know we can find out what happened to her and punish the culprit.

But on a side note, can someone explain the words "turtle hunting with his dog"?
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AliCat, what do you mean by explain the words "turtle hunting with his dog"??

The guy who found the skeletal remains was in the wooded area hunting for turtles w/ his dog. His dog actually found the remains I think.

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Yes, that is the sentence I am trying to understand. Perhaps it is an Estern thing? What is turtle hunting? Is it like bird watching where he is just looking to find them and look at them, or is he using his dog as a hunting dog, finding turtles, killing them (with a gun?? or what, in a public park?) and why? I am against hunting of any kind, but at least in say, turkey hunting, I could see a little logic. But why would you hunt turtles?
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In the news today, it says they are re-interviewing a former prisoner who attacked 2 women (maybe more) in the same area where Levy was found......
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I think the turtle hunting was more like bird watching. Rock Creek Park is a wonderful little oasis in DC (I grew up just north, in Maryland), but in parts it's almost as if you are in a large forest. I've been driving through it at night with friends, and had to wait for a herd of deer to cross the road. A lot of people go there for their nature fix.
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I had heard rumours that there was a serial killer operating in the area when she disappeared. Of course, that was a long time ago, and the cops are certainly not going to say those words to the press unless absolutely unavoidable. Don't know if it was true or not...(but there are a whole lot of "serial killers" operating all the time in many locations. Either they just don't tell the public, or they haven't made the connections in cases.)
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I'm sorry AliCat, I didn't mean to come across rudely. According to ABCNEWS.com, he was looking ( observing ) for turtles. Not to kill them or hurt them, just as an observance.
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I just got finished watching Entertainment Tonight (where I seem to get all of my most important news ) and they had John Walsh from America's Most Wanted on. He will be going with the serial killer angle. I had talked to my Dad several months ago about the serial killer idea (he still lives outside of DC), and it seems like the police are discounting that idea. Who knows, America's Most Wanted seems to have had a great track record catching crimimals. Let's hope they can help solve this one.
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D ~ I didn't think you were being rude! I was just affirming that was what I was confused about! Sorry if I sounded like I thought you were rude, I didn't mean to and didn't think that. I was jsut very confused. I still don't really get it, but I understand what he was doing. I guess maybe his dog really has fun finding them. It just doesn't sound like much fun!
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LOL Alicat! Yeah, I don't think it sounds like much fun either!!

But, I know my husband will take my son into the woods to "find" stuff like turtles and frogs just so my child can learn about wildlife and see them in their environment. Maybe this guy just likes finding animals to observe!!

Call it crazy! I'd surely never go turtle hunting!!
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It's a guy thing! Thank goodness he was there before the remains were so totally scattered that the Levys would never have known what happened to her.
You should see some of the ugly things my son brought from a small creek for me to put in my aquariums. Creepy, crawly, slimy? Guys like them.
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Personally, I don't really think that Condit had anything to do with it. I just read an article in the Houston Chronicle that said two women wearing walkmans had been attacked from behind in the same park, one a week after Chandra's dissappearance and one the next month, but both women put up a fight and got away. The article said that as far as remains were concerned everything was bones. They also said that these were the items found: jogging bra, sweat shirt, tennis shoes, and walkman. Her remains were found off the jogging trails in severely dense foliage on a slope.

The guy that attacked the women is in prison serving 10 years. The police questioned him after Chandra's dissappearance but got no leads on the guy. It said in the paper that the police are looking to question him again.

I found it odd that they didn't mention that they also found socks, jogging pants or even any underwear, since the did mention her jobbing bra. It makes me think that she might have been rapped or animals may have dragged them away from the immediate vicinity. I don't know maybe they just want to keep some of the articles under wraps.

The reason I don't think Condit did it because if he had hired someone I would imagine they would have the common sense to better hide the remains. Not that it would be common sense, but you know what I mean.

I think this whole thing is just so sad but I'm sure with forensics it will bring closure to the family as to how their daughter died and maybe bring her killer to justice.
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I don't think Condit had anything to do with it. He has too much to lose. He was really pushing it having an afair with her, but murder is something else. He's just another slimeball politician who got caught with his pants down. I heard this morning that they couldn't determine the exact cause of death, or if she were pregnant when she was killed. My bet is on the guy that attacked the 2 others.
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This looks like she was a convenient target for some sicko. Its just coincidence that she was connected to a Congressman. Her friends say that she would NEVER have jogged in that park, though, because it wasn't safe. The cops and the medical examiner are going to hold back info, though. There's, always something that only the killer could know that might lead to a conviction. One of the talking heads said, yesterday, that the family was "devastated" by the news that she is dead. Well, duh! Until there's a break in the case, they should leave those people alone, to bury their dead and grieve in peace.
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That's odd, because someone on our local news said that she jogged on the park trails a lot but that trail was her first time.

Anyhow, news anchors are always messing things up.

I read recently in the paper that they also found knotted stockings by her skull suggesting that she had been bound before she was killed. They also said in the article that it would be difficult or impossible to find out exactly how she died since the skeletal remains didn't show any obvious trauma.
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