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Nature's Miracle

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I bought some "Nature's Miracle" at PetSmart today. My male cat has peed and sprayed a few times in the house in the past couple of weeks. His neuter is scheduled for Tuesday! In the meantime, I purchased one of those black lights to find all the yellow pee stains and am going to find all his "spots" and use the "Nature's Miracle" tonight on them. I'm really crossing my fingers that this stuff will remove the smell so that when he gets back from his neuter he won't be drawn to pee in those same places. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Does it completely remove the odor?
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I have used it a million times and it works great. Just saturate the areas really well and let it soak at least overnight- it needs time to do its work.
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It's the best. It is literally one of the only things that works...and yes, let it soak clear through to the carpet pad, and let it go overnight as well.
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Once you clean the area and it dries, does the glowing under the black light effect go away? Is that a weird question?
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Petzyme from Petsmart is great too. You can use it in your carpet cleaning machine as well.
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I like it - we have a dog and cat and used it for both throw up or peeing. It works very well for us.
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