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ghost whisperer--

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Does anyone else watch it? It's pretty much the only show hubby and I both like! Anyone have anythoughts on the season finale- I missed the second to last show so I was SHOCKED at the end of the show. Were there any clues in that show that might have clued me in to what was going on?
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No, which channel is it on?

B and I are big into Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted though.
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I LOVE the show. I watch it. Thank God it's on on Friday Night, as that's the only night of the week, I can actually watch TV.

It's on CBS, at 8pm Pacific and Eastern time, 7pm Centra.
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I watch it and I missed the same episode you missed! I really like the ending of this season cant wait till next one!
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The end of this season shocked me. I didn't expect her best friend to be the ghost, that's for sure. It was similar to the Bruce Willis movie, I forget the name, where the little boy, saw dead people. Bruce didn't know he was dead, either & neither did her best friend.
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What I'm trying to figure out is if her friend took off to go somewhere in the episode before the last one.. Maybe that would have clued me in!

I kept saying during the show, what about her friends bro, was he on the plane or not?

I loved the bruce willis movie the sixth sense, I watched it three times in the theater b/c I was so shocked the first time at the ending!
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