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weaning tip

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At last! 3 out of 4 of the kittens are starting to eat solids!.

1 took to it straight away and ate from her mum's bowl. 2 of them I had to put the kitten mush in the palm of my hand and feed them a for a day like that before they got the hang of eating from the bowl (handy tip for those of you with the same problem).

However, the baby of the group refuses solids. Hopefully he'll change his mind this week. Mum cat is getting tired of feeding them all the time.
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How old are the kittens? Usually, when Mom gets tired enough, she'll make sure they take solid foods by pushing the kittens away when they try to nurse.
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they are coming upto 6 weeks
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I do first feeds in small jar lids. It is easier on the kittens, less mess for you and they take to the food quicker. Some kittens may not be of the same litter, therefore they may take longer to be weaned. Be patient and don't push it. Momcat will put her paw down when she senses it is time.
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I always seem to have one kitten who eats first, and one who waits to be the last. I think you should just give the "baby" a little more time, like Hissy posted, he may actually have been conceived a few days later than the others, so will mature a little later.
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