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Wednesday's DT :)

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Since no one has started the daily thread yet, I will. Nothing much going on over here. The weather is starting to get warmer, finally. Hubby and I are going to one of his co-workers' house tonight to play poker with a whole bunch of people. I am looking forward to it since I haven't really ever played poker before. :LOL:
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Our long standing battle with our Shipping/Receiving department has flared up again. They have a bad habit of delivering packages at their convenience, which is usually OK but can be really harmful if you are waiting for something that is perishable. We can't use our new piece of equipment (my pride and joy!) because the chemicals we need to set it up properly have degraded from sitting too long at room temperature. Sigh. At least our service engineer is helpful and is reordering the kit, with overnight delivery (and at no charge). I had planned on being trained again today, but now I can't, so I don't have much to do...luckily, my doctor was able to move my therapy appointment (for tendinitis in both wrists) to this afternoon, so I only have two hours to fill.
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Going back to the doctors this morning. He is afraid something is going on with my head because of the stinging I have been feeling. Sleep is so hard for me right now, and he is thinking I have an infection and he wants to clear it up. You guys sick of hearing me complain by now?

On the kitty front, both kittens are now happily able to find mom's teats and doing well. I can't believe what a chunk MacArthur is! He is going to be one solid kitty. MacBeth is doing great! She appears to have the bluest of eyes. I need to go up and clean the cat room soon, but just don't have the gumption to do it right now. Mike is helping around the house, doing the "women work" but I went into the kitchen this morning to look for something and couldn't find it. How can it be that a man who has lived here with me for over 10 years doesn't know where kitchen utensils and stuff are kept? LOL Well, I need to get my butt into gear and get to the docs. Please think a good thought for me will you?
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Nothing much going on here. I was actually busy this morning with real work! I'm sure it will be slower than molasses this afternoon, though.

Hockey game is on tonight. I'm rooting for the Avs and Maple Leafs to go to the Cup Finals. We'll see how much I influence the outcome! :laughing2:

Hissy - Hope everything goes well at the Dr. I'm so glad the two kittens are getting on well. We'd all love to see more pics when you get a chance. Just have Mike do it for us!
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Avs and Leafs would be a great series! Not much up here - I am off today. Went shopping with my mom and grandmother to pick out wool for an afgan. My grandmother is going to make me one. I know it is almost summer, but I probably won't get it until fall and it is something to keep my grandmother occupied. She has recently lost a lot of friends and she is depressed and crying alot.

Hissy - be careful with head injuries and do whatever the doctor tells you. Don't worry about Mike is the kitchen - he probably has decided to "re-organize" everything in a "logical" way for a man. You may be looking for stuff for years.
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I just got back from the hospital. They wanted to do a second CT scan because of a fear that I might have a brain bleed. Thank God that the scan showed no new developments since the 15th when the last one was taken. He gave me some new pain meds hoping it will help me sleep at night. I am now known as the "technicolor wonder" at the docs office. More bruises are showing up. I truly look like a walking poster child of Domestic Abuse!
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Hissy, I'm relieved that there's no serious head injury. I know you must really be aching. It seems to take about a week for some muscles to know that they've been affected and some bones to know they've been jarred. Then they really complain! Take it easy, and leave the kitchen be. You'll get to everything when you're feeling up to par, and it will be much easier. It's great that your husband is so helpful!
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