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Originally Posted by lilleah
I havent done the steak yet. That's tomarrow.

And it sounds WONDERFUL! Im going to try it. But how long do I cook the steaks for in the oven? Or wherever I cook them? What temperature too.

That's the basics I have to know also.

I prefer to do my steaks on the grill, however if you don't own one (and I didn't have one when I was first married). . . .

If your oven has a broiler, and if you own a broiling pan (has a rack in it to catch the fat drippings). . . position the top rack of your oven so it is fairly close to the top heating element. Turn the oven to broil. Place the steak on the rack in broiler pan (the best cut to buy is NY Sirloin or NY Strip Steaks - look for some marbeling in the meat - it will be more tender). Keep the oven door ajar and keep a very close eye on the steak! It will make lots of spattering and popping sounds as the fat hits the heating element. Don't worry. Just be mindful that it may flare up (I would get your hubby to help you!!!! Especially if he is demanding that you make him steak when you don't own a grill! Men can cook too!!!!).

Flip the steak over after about 5 min. and cook the other side. (Be sure to remove from oven first using a potholder!). You will need to cut into the meat to see if it is cooked inside

Also - you may want to season your steak before cooking with some garlic salt, pepper, or other seasonings of choice. I always go sparingly and serve with steak sauce (like A-1).
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You could also try cube steak (cook in a skillet on the stove top). This also used to be a favorite of my ex-husband's
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Well, how did it turn out???
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If anyone has an questions on cooking just ask me.. I was a cook/baker for 4 years.. hehehe.. I know alot.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Well, how did it turn out???
I got really sick at work today. And came home and passed out. By the time I woke up, it was too late to cook anything and have it ready. So we ordered Pizza tonight.

I couldnt even move today. BLA! I dont like being sick. So when I get better, I will make the steak. Shall I put it in the freezer? Does steak freeze well?
Because tomarrow I cant cook either, I have to work 16 hours tomarrow, sick. Great, I can hardley wait!!
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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well (and that you have to work 16 hrs tomorrow!!). You poor girl. Don't you have sick days?

You can freeze the steak, so long as it's not over the "use by" date on the wrapper. Just make sure it's wrapped well.

Hope you feel better soon.
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quick tip. when you grill the steak (hope this hasnt been posted already), depending on if you like it rare, mediem rare, or well done... but on the grill. make one part nice and HOT... put the steak on that part and Sear. now this need to be fast though.. should only take a min or so... then when that is done, move the steaks to a cooler part, still hot enough to cook but cool enough to not over the cook the outer part.. Then cook the steak to desired doneness.. then take off the grill. He're the important part, dont cut it for 5 mins, if you do all the juices just gush out all over the plate.... Now you just grilled the perfect steak.
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