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Handicapped or slow kitten???

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One of our cat's kittens is VERY different from the other 3. (They are about 6 weeks old) She is very fat, and all the other ones are skinny. She was born that big....she was either the last kitten born or the second last. She VERY rarely plays with the other kittens, usually she sleeps or lays and looks around. She hardly ever walks, we brought them outside yesterday for the first time and she just like, she slowly waddles around, she barely went anywhere. When you look into her eyes, you see something very different from looking into another kittens eyes, I can't really explain it...At first I thought she was blind...I moved my hand back and forth on front of her to make sure. I don't know what is wrong with her...yesterday she looked like she needed to use the litterbox so i put her in it. She just sat with her butt in the litter, and her front paws hanging over the edge, and closed her eyes as if she was falling asleep, like it was too much of an effort to do anything. My dad keeps saying "There's something not right about that kitten." Anybody have any suggestions? Is she just fat and lazy? Or could there be a mental problem with her?
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Difficult to diagnose this over the net. I suggest you take her to the vet. That would be the best thing to do. They would be able to tell you for sure what is going on.
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I would ask that they test her for all the known diseases, and even though there is not a definitive test for it, consider FIP
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Whats FIP? All I know is it's feline....something. um...well I spent a lot of time with her today and she seems to be doing better. I put her in the litterbox and she used it, and hopped out. She is playing a little more now. The only problem is...I promised her to my friend...and I want to keep her now. I don't want my friend to have her because she has problems with keeping jobs and right now, she doesn't even have a job. If she is disabled, chances are she won't have the money to bring her to the vet. I want to make sure she has all the care she needs. Now I just have to figure out how to tell her...:S
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She looks just adorable in her picture. Sometimes one kitten is less mature than the others, but I don't think it is usually the biggest in the litter. At 6 weeks, the kittens are due for their first vet visit and shots, so have the vet check her extra close.

FIP is feline infectious peritonitis.

As for the friend who wants her, just tell her you found out the kitten is disabled mentally, and you plan to keep her now. No matter what the vet says, if you have a strong feeling that something is wrong, it might be! If the kitten grows up to be totally normal and your friend asks, just say, yes, isn't it a miracle!

I foster for an agency, and lots of people see a cute kitten and want one. But we charge $100 to cover the vet costs and spay or neuter. When it comes down to filling out the paperwork and paying for the kitten, a lot less people are willing to get one.

You should charge a small amount, like $20-30 per kitten. This will help cover the cost of spaying the momcat, and the vet visits for the kittens. It will also weed out people who just like the idea of a cute kitten, but don't plan to provide committed care for them.
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