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pic and a question

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well our feral cat lily's kits are 3 weeks old today and are starting to venture a little away from mom (hence the ability to get pics of them!!). We have started to handle them etc, and mom is ok with it, though a little tense (as she always is). I am wondering about socialization. I am figuring that in two weeks we will bring lily in to get spayed, and have the kits get wormed and their first shots. I want to try to get both the kittens and lily more socialized, and I am wondering when i should separate them. I am concerned that the moms concern will inhibit the kittens socialization to people.
any suggestions?
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Just keep handling the kittens gradually. Don't overdue it, or mom could bite you. Don't worry about socializing the mom until the kittens are weaned at 6 weeks old. She is going to be on her guard until she is sure that they are grown and safe. I wouldn't release the kittens to a home until they are much older and between 6-8 weeks is when I would be concentrating more on mom. If she doesn't want you to pet her than don't pet her. Feed her at the same time(s) every day and see to her needs on a schedule as well. Don't surprise her with an *unscheduled* visit and she will soon learn to depend on you. It takes time- I cannot stress that enough. It takes a lot of time for a cat used to living out in the world, to go inside a larger cage (a home) and learn about confinement. Don't rush her, let her set the pace, not you
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we are taking it slow and do not reach in and grab the kittens. they have started to come out to us, and she seems ok with that. I am not sure she would like it if we took them out of her sight, but as long as she can see us, she seems ok.
we have had her on somewhat of a schedule for the past few weeks, and we try not to go in the area except to drop off food, water, or clean the litter box. i sometimes hang around and chat with her so that they get used to hearing humans speak.
I do not mind taking the time with her. she is a wonderful mom, and i would like to be able NOT to have to send her back out into the world on her own.
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The babies are adorable...
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The babies are gorgeous! They look so wide-eyed and happy and healthy. Congradualation. You are doing such a good job with them and it really shows.

If you can't keep the mom, there are always no-kill rescue groups that will take her in, make sure she is spayed, gets her shots, and foster her until they can get her adopted. They can also do that with the kittens took, and sometimes they have better results getting homes than we can do on our own.

Just wanted to say that hissy knows what she's talking about. She's helped me with a traumatized feral, and I've gotten results I never would have been able to get without her experience and advice.

Seems to me you're doing an absolutely great job, my hat off to you, keep up the great work!
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Aw, what little sweeties!
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I am not doing much but providing food and shelter. she is a great mom. I have homes for at least two, maybe three of the kittens already. I might get tempted ot keep one (current count 2 18 yr old cats, 1 yr old cat, 2 german shepherds!) but luckily the litter is small so finding homes should not be a problem. My biggest concern is the mom. I will work with her in hopes of being able to offer her a better life. Perhaps if I am not able, I can find a more experienced person with a less active household to help out.
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ok last night and tonite when i brought the mom-cat her moist food she actually started to come out for it before i was gone! The first time did little growls with every step, and i just sat there and looked away. I am not sure if it means anything, but i am still excited about this new development.
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She is begining to trust you
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