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Love your pics. I grow Cat Mint which is similiar and my cats love it. When I saw your pic I wished I had taken a pic of my cat a few days ago, he went out on rolled in it and its flattened. I have 3 huge patches of it and the cats love to lay in it and rub it.
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Awww look at that baby in bliss!.

My friend has a small catnip patch in her garden that the cats roll on and she loves to watch them
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Chloe is in heaven!
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I have to grow some catnip in my garden now!!!!
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too cute, mine love catnip too
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I didn't know you could grow catnip! I will have to look into that!!
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I strongly urge container gardening for catnip or any other species of mint.
It grows like weeds and will take over your planting beds like weeds too.

Those look like some happy kitties.
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We have tried to grow catnip so many times. It grows fine, but our outside cat Simba eats it all!

Love the pic...they look so happy!
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