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Jada's Litter Update

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Jada's litter is now 9 days old! They seem to be doing quite well and Jada is still a very attentive and good momma. Even my husband, who is not the biggest cat lover, has become quite bonded with Jada and often gets tickled by how good of a mom she is. For example, last night we were all sitting in the living room watching TV and Jada was hanging out with us. I guess the kittens woke up hungry because they all started screaming and she JUMPED up and BOLTED into the bathroom with them to start nursing. We all giggled and admired her dedication.

So, I decided to weigh them yesterday just to be sure things were going ok and they are all at a healthy range of about 4-5 ounces. They really are the cutest little round fur balls at this point. Little Jada (the dilute tortie) and Jasmine (the solid black) both have thier eyes open now. Both red boys do not. Do cat boys develop slower too?

I took pics while they were out of the box being weighed. It was really hard to get a good picture because I wasn't using the flash and they really wiggle around a lot!

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They are so cute.
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Look at the pretty eyes
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The are absolutely adorable!
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They are so pretty!! I can't wait until my babies open their eyes and start to move around more!!
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Wanted to share more pictures of Jada's 2 week old babies. All of their eyes are now open. She moved her kittens from the box to under my daughter's toddler bed yesterday when nobody was home. The box was in my master bathroom and we had left that door open so she can lay on my bed but left the bedroom door closed. Anyway, she decided to move them while we were gone. I tried moving them back to the box and she moved them back under the bed. So they are staying there for now. We are all just having to be careful because occassionally one or two will crawl out trying to explore. They don't get far though before she grabs them and pulls them back under the bed.

Jasmine (the solid black) is the rowdiest one right now. She's already acting very "catlike" swiping and tackling the other cats. She's also the screamer and hisser of the bunch. We love her! Little Jada (the gray) is the mellow one of the bunch. Very quiet and sweet. The twin yellow tabbies are also pretty quiet but very curious and like to come out from under the bed often which bothers their poor mother.

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awwww they are so cute
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