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Saturday 6th May : Daily Thread

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Hi all

Saturday is here and i have absolutely nothing planned

Ozzy (guinea pig) is munching on the dandelions in the garden and the mogs are all sleeping.

Pete is doing water changes on the fish tanks, and i am, on TCS

Thinking of going to a garden centre, they have a nice farm shop there with lots of very yummy things to buy There were some good orchid plants last we went so i may give in to temptation today

Have a good day everyone
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The sun is shining and it's a glorious Saturday!

I have a pretty easy day today! Just waiting in for my FreeCycler to come and pick up the car mats and then I'll be heading into town to pop into Abakhan (must remember not to buy everything! )and have a browse around the shops!

Hoping that my cat litter order arrives today too - or we're going to be a bit stuck!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Mornin to ya all!

It's 5:20 AM here. Running on 2 hours of sleep, have to work in 10 minutes.

Went to a concert last night, not doing so well on the sleepy/hangover part of my day yet. Oh how work shall be a BLAST today.

See you all later
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I'm up WAAAYY too early again - dratted cats!

Today was supposed to be my day to take Mom out but, she isn't feeling up to it. I'm still going up to my parents' house, though. It seems that I forgot a few things, when I left Bill and he dropped them up there. (I've only been gone, since Feb. 10). Must not be too important - I would have missed the stuff, by now.

I'll hit WalMart for cat food and then head home, for some housework and personal maintenance. Tonight, I'm going to Earl's house, to cook dinner and play Scrabble. The home-cooked meal should mitigate the butt-kicking I'm going to give him, at Scrabble
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I'm leaving for the Kansas City Pet Expo in about an hour to help run the K9-Instincts booth with my friend the dog listener and will be relieved for breaks by my friend who does Tellington Touch. Of course Auntie Em Creations will make her appearance also but primarily we are offering reservations to the Jan Fennell book signing later this month in KC. We set up last night and there are a lot of very cool vendors in the show as well as a cat show and dog agility show. I won't be home until about 9PM tonight and the show runs tomorrow also.

I will need the hot tub tonight when I get home - it's going to be an exhausting day!!
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im sitting here trying not to think about the fact tha i worked from 10:00 yesterday morning and didn't get home till 11:15 lastnight and have to go back to work today at 10:00 i guess the only good thing is that i only have to work till 4 so its not too bad im just sooo tired!!! after work im coming home and sleeping charlie works till 9 tonight and cheyenne is spending the night with grandma and grandpa
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hi everybody well ive got peace and quite from the girls until tomorrow night so ill be going out and having some fun
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Good morning! It is now about 8 am, and have been up since about 630. Its kinda a dull morning so far, just raining.... I sure hope it clears up, I was wanting to take my daughter to the park. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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I'm up and geering Luna and Whitey for the vet after a long night of Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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Reilly (and the airplanes at Pearson) had me up this morning at 6:30am, so I got up to feed him but he wanted hugs and kisses instead (awww)

It's not very warm here today, I stepped out on the balcony and I can see my breath!

I'm going to do some work around the house today, and some more prepartion for my test on Monday.

Then I'm going to be going back to my hometown for a belated birthday party with friends
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Its a nice sunny spring day here. I spent all day mowing and weed whacking yesterday. So today is the fun part all the hard outside work is done. I can putter around in my gardens and also plan on giving the gardens a watering of mircle grow. Which will take a couple of hours! The only draw back is the black flies are out bad! Guess its get out the bug spray and enjoy!
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I'm going to a Humane Society dog walk this morning!
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Currently following my kitties around taking photos and watching my BF clean up Thinking about going to the botanical gardens as planned if the sun comes out but if not I think a day of nothingness
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Well i did some retail therapy. Bought a shirt for Gil in the sales and some accessories for me along with more banners and streamers for Gils kids party next month.

Then i went for my usually 5 weekly trim at the hair salon, then on the way home i passed the bakers that was screaming my name to go in and bought a custard slice that i had once i got home with a cup of tea, perfect!!
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I rented 3 movies yesterday-fell asleep watching the 3rd one so I got up at 6 this am and finished watching!!! We had cold temps this am-27 degrees so some of my plants have a bit of frost damage have to toss some in compost pile and repot replacements for my plant sale. Ran a couple of errands, went to the farm for about an hour, visited with neighbors and potted up more plants. Nothing tonite but house cleaning and bookwork for my business tomorrow!!
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Hmm....all I've really done is read! And that has been about the most pleasurable thing! Oh to do nothing but read good books! I did make dinner too. And I'm looking at house plans online, but today has been mostly spent with a good book! It's been very peaceful!

Talked to my Grandpa, he's making progress (walking!) and Mom droped off much more than $20 worth of meat (gotta love Moms!).
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