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I've got a cat, she's about two to three weeks into her pregnancy. Yesterday I've checked her nipples and found a soft small lump under one of the nipples. It moves around with the nipple and it seems as if other nipples don't have such lump behind them.

I was told by a breeder that she knows this phenomenon from cats after heat. I'm worried this might be tumor, she's very young actually and this is her first pregnancy.

what do you guys think?
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I would have a vet check the lump to be sure it is harmless. Much easier than worrying, and he can do an overall wellness check at the same time.

I'm not familiar with what this could be, but if it is a problem it is better dealt with while small.
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How young is she?

If you are concerned, I would recommend taking her to a vet. It's almost impossible to second guess these things online and we are not vets.

You didnt' say how young, but very young cats can have serious complications when they give birth if they are too young. You might consider taking her to a vet to check out he lump, and having her spayed right there and then to avoid putting her through a dangerous pregnancy. It is still early enough in the pregnancy to do so.
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