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Must be a Redneck

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Ok this is hard to see but to hear the video is funny. It is my dad leaving my house tonight after making redneck jokes he shows us he is 100% redneck

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I live in North Carolina, and I'm pretty sure riding lawn mowers are a legal means of transportation here, lol.

Ya know, I've always wondered why you'd need headlights on your lawn mower. I mean, who's gonna mow in the dark? So what other purpose could they serve?

Well, your video has answered that question.
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LOL My dad told me he found out why also...We moved from CA so we are true redneck now...
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That is so funny.
Your Dad comes to visit you on his lawn mower that has a headlight.
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I was watching the news here tonight, and
somebody got arrested for drunken driving... driving their riding lawn mower to the drug store and back!!! He even spent the night in jail!
I thought of your video when I saw that.
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Nothing bugs me more than getting stuck behind tractors on the way to work. Most people here don't take their riding mowers that far though.
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Tractors are terrible! Another one is the buggies. Around here, someone was killed when they were hit by a drunk driver... in a buggy. Plus, they're wayyyy slower than tractors.
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My dial up's too slow- I couldn't see it! However, from the descriptions, and having lived in Alabama for almost 30 years, I can imagine it just fine!
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Well my dad and them live down the street... We have 307 people in this town so not alot of people to get in trouble with. The post office is the size of the bathroom.. The water Co is a shack. Town speed limit is 15 MPH and well the mover does 25 LOL
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You sound so adorable!
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I have more redneck pics lol....
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