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Just an update

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Hi everyone;

I have been without PC access for a while, but I thought I should drop you guys a line about little Pikachu, since you helped me so much that first painful week!!!

Little madam now has full run of the house and has been introduced to her brothers after doing the whole pre-intro routine. Her and Munchie get on just fine, but Max doesn't appreciate her playing and sometimes there is this low growling like "Maaaa, she's started". This cat's personality has just blossomed, she follows me everywhere, sleeps on my bed and lap, gives me huge grooming sessions and she has started to settled to hubby as well, and boy can she talk. She eats like there is no tomorrow and has almost doubled in size in 4 weeks. She is nothing like the timid, skinny cat that I bought home...she chases our huge boys off the bed when she wants to sleep on it. Yes, the first week was hell and for a day or two there I was not so sure I had done the right thing, but all is back to normal now, and she is really worth it. PS: I used the beech and walnut essences and they really seemed to help.

Thanks for all your help

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I wondered about Pikachu. I am glad to hear things are working out well.
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Its good to hear that everything is working out fine.
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Hooray! I'm so glad things have worked out with Pikachu and her new brothers. You will always have a very special bond with her. They know when you saved them, and tell you thank you every day.
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I too am glad to hear it is going so well!!!
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She sounds ideal, lots of fun, lots of love!
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