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My kitten that had to be put to sleep...

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This happened last October 20 and still makes me cry, especially at night. I was fostering a mom cat and her six week old kitten, to young to be separated from her. The week after they got here, they developed rhinotracheitis. The week after, they had fleas. I managed to solve these two problems. I got attached to them and was trying to find them a good family. On October 20, the kitten was almost 12 weeks old. I came back one late afternoon from work and heard awful screems from my office. The kitten had caught his leg in the leg of a table, in a very small opening I would never have thought as being a danger, as all my other cats never got caught in it. His leg was severed in two as he had tried to free himself all day from the table. I suppose he was there almost the whole day as his litter box was empty and because of the severe necrosis his leg had suffered.

I took him to the vet immediately and due to the severity of the injury, the vet told me it would require amputation up to the hip, as tissues were necrosed. And she was not even sure the surgery would be a success. He was suffering so much and was put to sleep.

This was quite a tragedy, added to the other difficult moments I was going through. At the same time, I learned my mom had to go through heart valve surgery. She almost died at the beginning of October. At least, she is much better now. But a week before she had surgery, and as I was in pieces already because of this, the kitten story happened.

Whenever I read about a Rainbow bridge story, I cry like a baby, thinking about the kitten. I went back today were I burried him, in the forest near my home, and cried again a lot. I feel so guilty about the whole thing. Maybe he would have been happy only with three legs, but his injuries were so extensive, I would have needed medical care all his life.

At least, I have adopted his mom, who is a sweetheart. Had not planned originally to adopt her, as I was only fostering her, but after what had happened to her kitten, I got attached to her even more, and because of this difficult period of my life. We are here for each other!

I hope I will stop crying one day about the kitten.

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oh gosh im so sorry, you have me in tears... im so sorry for your loss!
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Nath, it sounds like a terrible accident that happened to your baby. Although cats and dogs do well with one leg missing, the way the accident happened, and the trauma to the kitten were pretty overwhelming. I believe that you did the kindest thing possible by ending his physical and emotional pain.

It was an accident, not something you contributed to. If you had not gotten involved with this kitten and his Mom, it is likely she would have kept having kittens, many of which could have come to a painful end.

Over 6 months later is a long time to be still in such grief. I would say post your feelings here, and let the pain out. You may find relief by sharing your feelings with others. I'm not suggesting you will ever "get over" such a loss, but you should come to a time where you can remember the happy times, too. If your deep deep grief and tears continue, I would suggest getting in contact with a grief counselor to help you. Sometimes we as humans can get stuck in a dark place, and need a little help to find our way out.

I got hooked on the Rainbow Bridge forum after losing some foster kittens. Somehow reading and posting helped me deal with the loss. And of course knowing that other people were with me as I missed my babies helped a lot!

Condolences on your painful loss. Rest in peace, Nath's baby. You were truly loved while you were here on earth, and that is much more than many kitties get! Now you are an eternal baby, happy and free, over that Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh my word thats so sad You will see the little one again one day, and he'll be in perfect shape!, but that's lovely that you kept the little ones mum because you can both give each other some comfort, and believe me cats know when were upset. But through keeping the mum he will live on through her
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What a sad, sad story, Nath! Such a tragedy - but freak accidents do happen. I am so sorry that the little guy had to suffer so, but you did the right thing in letting his misery end peacefully. He is indeed in a much happier place, with all our other loved ones who have passed before us, and those of them yet to be born. Hugs, Susan
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Nath, I'm so sorry your kitten suffered so much, but what happened was a terrible freak accident!!!! Even 6 months later you seem to be feeling quilty and blaming yourself for what happened. There's absolutely no way you could have know the table leg could be a danger. You did the right thing by ending the kitten's suffering and some day the two of you will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.

R. I. P. sweet little one.
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Hi Nath,
I am so sorry to read your sad story.It was a tragic accident,and you did your best by taking him straight to the vet.
My cat had kittens just over two weeks ago,however she had her first one in the early hours of the morning,although I could not sleep tht night,I did not realise she was in labour,as she was still eating and acting normally.
I woke up to find her first kitten dead on my sons bed,I felt so guilty because if I had been there, I might have been able to save it, yet she had done everything right,he was large and properly developed,so I do not have a clue why he died,I will always feel guilty for not being there,I can really empathise with you,and the way you feel.
These things happen and we dont know why.
I know it is really difficult not to blame yourself,but you really cant.
I too cried for the loss of this little precious life.
Take care
Lillicat x
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I guess one admin for the website will read this? I try to put a couple of pictures of my kittent that died, in a message. He was such a beauty and darling.

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Originally Posted by Nath 1

I guess one admin for the website will read this? I try to put a couple of pictures of my kittent that died, in a message. He was such a beauty and darling.

Hi, Nathalie! Go to this forum...someone will help you post pics of your baby!
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thanks, Beckiboo.

Here is a picture of the kitten, sleeping on a towel.
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Oh, what a cutie! I know you miss him terribly! Thanks for sharing the pic.
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Thanks, Beckiboo.

Here is another one, of him with his mommy, whom I adopted.
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Oh Nath, your precious little kitten was adorable! Thanks for sharing his picture.
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Nathalie what a little cherub he is Those pictures are so precious, especially the one with his mum
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