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Uh oh, my very first accident!

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I'm shocked, but I think I know why it happened. (!Dirty Litter boxes) I've owned kitties for 2 1/2 years and never once had a prob. Today, by the two favorite litterboxs there was wet stuff. I wiped it up and it was light yellow, but didn't have a real strong odor. Hubby sniffed it and said he thought it was pee. My only concern is that it could be real liquid vomit, b/c Rocky hasn't been well lately, however he has been eating and I haven't found any um, chunky stuff. Should I be crazy concerned, or just practice better house keeping, which goes without saying anyway.BTW all kitties are fixed, 3 boys, one girl.
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hmmm. I know a dirty box will cause an accident....
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Yeah, I've been letting them go to long. *slaps self in the hand* The thing is is that we have 5 boxes, and they like two or three of them the best, so those get dirty real fast while the other two don't. I used to be very good about it, but I guess I thought it would be okay to let them go a day longer in the in the back of my head b/c they could always use the other boxes... Those particular boxes are def going to get more attention.
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It definitely sounds like a miss in the pee area! As you say, the litter tray wasn't as clean as it could be, so space was limited - therefore a bum over the edge was the solution!

Make sure you clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner to ensure that nobody decides to try again due to the scent there!
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While a dirty box is most likely the cause, I'd still keep an eye on your guy, especially since he's not feeling quite up to snuff. You want to be sure he's not got a UTI or something else going on.

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Prob is that I have 4 cats and have NO IDEA who did it. I think it was one of the older cats for the simple reason that there was a lot of pee there. Rocky is the only one with health issues, which have been acting up lately so I am keeping an eye on him. I didn't have any enzymatic cleaner, so what I did was after it was wiped up sprayed some rug pet stain cleaner on it and wiped. It was on a linoleum surface and got the litter mat a little bit wet too. I think the pet rug cleaner has some enyzmes in it. So far no more accidents! It was a little far over for a butt to be hanging out, it seems that the cat was thinking,well its too dirty so I'm going to go as close as I can.. I think!
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stomach bile has a yellow color so it may not be pee.
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I thought that, but the cat would have had to empty the rest of his stomach somewhere else, and so far no hidden messes have turned up. Also he has never puked over there before- he seems to prefer either on the rug or a cat tree... Still no new incidents.
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It may have been that they didn't manage to find a comfortable squatting position and ended up sort of squirting out the back of the tray?! (Molly has done - when I bought them a new tray - this before and was still given a clean bill of health)

I'm glad that there have been no other incidents though!
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