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So, my neighbors are going on vacation for two weeks and want me to doggie sit there 1 year old purebred Yellow Labrador. Okay, I've never taken care of anyone else's dog. They left about half an hour ago. Now, he is tied up in their backyard. Do you think they would mind if I brought him over to my house? I feel so sorry for him. He's tied outside all day long and only goes inside at night, in a crate! I have a kennel in my backyard and my whole back yard is completely fenced. I also have an extra large crate on hand. The neighbors know me well and I take him (Charlie) for walks all the time, since they have "no time to walk him." Also, they left me with a bag of Pedigree Large Breed Adult and 3 cans of Pedigree Chunky Beef. GROSS, I know! So, would it be okay if I mixed in some Innova and raw meat? I can't stand to feed him just Pedigree, I will gag. Of course, I will still feed him the Pedigree, because he is used to it. I just feel so sorry for this guy. Ever since the neighbors had a second child, Charlie has been kicked outside. I know they do love and care for him. They bring to the vet once a year, buy him canned food because it's his "favorite" and walk him once a month, give him toys outside, fresh water/food, but he needs more than that. They said I didn't need to walk him or anything, just give him a handful of kibble and some canned food every morning and evening and give him fresh water. But COME ON! I can't just leave him outside for TWO WEEKS tied to a dog house. That's just cruel. I would feel so bad lying in bed, with him outside next door, alone. Anyway, my last question is, how much exercise does a Lab need? lol I've never owned one before. I give my Doberman pup and Min Pin an hour of exercise in the open fields by my house every day. Is that enough for a young Lab? Thanks! And don't worry, this guy is good hands for the next two weeks.
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He is in your care ... Bring him to your house ( hope he is house trained)... They are a hunting/ retriving breed when young they need lots of exersice... an hour three times a day would be best but if you have only an hour then that is likely better than he has ever had... CAREFUL on the food .... unless your willing to help them when they get back... I know pedigree isnt great but ////
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Thanks sharky. I will be keeping him in my breeze way and in a crate, so if he has an accident, it's fine. I will be slooowly adding in Innova and raw meat, only up to 50%, because they will be expecting to continue feeding him Pedigree when they get back. If he needs more exercise, I'm happy to bring him for walks, as well. Also, I will let him loose in my yard, because it's fully fenced, as I mentioned before. I'll go get him now. Thanks again.
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Need to watch the food also for a reaction.
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Here is a picture of Charlie boy:

Isn't he handsome? It makes me sad that his owners keep him tied up all day. He is just so much fun and is quite the riot.

He loved the ground bison I gave him! And he made it through the night just fine in a crate. God, I love this guy! But he sure is a handful, especially on the leash! Oh well. I think he will enjoy his 2 week "vacation."
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Hmmm since the owners have no "time" for him, maybe you could take him in? It's kind of a sad life for the doggy to be tied out all day with no attention and you seem to really enjoy him, plus he's very handsome! the owners could visit since he is right next door
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What a handsome boy indeed
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Oh he's bee-a-uuuutiful!!! I just wanna get down and throw my arms around him!
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I bet the owners might do that if they know the dog isnt happy tied up 24/7.
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I am sure they wouldn't mind you bringing the pup over to your house He really is adorable!
If it were me, I wouldn't feel comfortable feeding him something other than what his owners left for you to feed. I would be very upset if someone were watching Dori or Brody and began feeding a new food to them.
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Labs are naturally social animals. Once Charlie burns off some energy, he will be a good boy, even if he has no training. Typically, Labs will do anything to please their "master". If Charlie learns that you give him treats, feed him, & walk him, he will be your best friend forever.

The key to a Lab's heart is through love. Sit down with him & spend lots of quality lovin' time with him.
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