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Pics of my little Hamster Family

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Thought I'd post a link to the online photo album of my hamster family

They are now 2 1/2 weeks old and growing like weeds!

I'm debating over whether to keep them all- I love them so at this point Not sure I can let any of them go Charlotte and Frodo are staying for sure. I'll keep the others if I can :rainbow:Hammie Family
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How sweet - they must be endless entertaining for the cats!
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Babies are so cute. If you kept all of the hamsters would you have to keep them in separate cages?

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Yeah, they are Syrian hamsters, which means they are fiercly territorial and will fight to the death if housed together past 6 weeks of age.

The boys need to be put in their own cage on the weekend, they'll be 3 weeks old. Apparently hamsters start mating at 4 weeks- isn't that nuts??!!
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When I click the link I get an error message that says I need to sign in ( and if I sign in it brings me to my own ofoto page and not yours ).

Can you post the link again maybe?? I wanna see hamsters!!!!!!!!
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ditto daniela's problem. I really wanted to see them too, since I've never seen a baby hammie before!
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So Melissa?

You stockpiling empty hamsters cages yet? They are adorable!
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could not see hammies either
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Sorry guys- heres the link again, hopefully it works

Hamster Family
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Yeah - got to see them, how cute can they get!!!!! Hope you don't mind I looked at your kitty album as well - they are beautiful!!!!
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AWWW! They are really cute. I wouldn't be able to give them up either. So what do the kitties think of all those little rodents??
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A good part of the kitties' day is spent figuring out how to get up on top of the bookcase to the hammie cage

Missy almost did it, she scrambled up the side of the wooden bookcase and was clinging to the wall behind the cage peering in :laughing:
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OMG, they are so cute!

Almost as cute as kittens . . .
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Oh Melissa, they are sooooo cute!!!! I especially like the white one with the grey head. I miss having hamsters and rats. I have my hedgehog and duprasi, but I really want to get some hamsters and another rat....hubby says I have enough critters though.
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