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So Cute!

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This was just too cute I had to share!

I went into the ONLY pet shop in the area that sells "Da Bird" and "Da Bird replacements". When I first got the cat toy, there was this little orange cat that followed me around and was very interested in the fact that I was carrying "Da Bird". I found out from the owner that its his favorite toy and the cat demonstrated to me how much fun the toy is.

So 3 weeks later I'm back there at lunch purchasing a new end (Whitey chewed it to the point that it no longer twirls).
The SAME orange comes up and stretches out on my leg as I'm picking up the new end piece. I begin to look at the other stuff they have (the store carries all top 10 on Frankie's list) and this cat GRABS the end piece out of my hand and starts to walk away with it.
She was so cute about it I couldn't stop giggling.
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Awwww isn't that sweet!. Is it the shops cat?.
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I cant seem to find "da bird".

I want it so badly for my babies, but I cant find it at any pet stores.
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Susan, sort of. She also runs a purebred rescue so as advertisement to the clientele she lets the rescues roam around the store. There were two others asleep on the couch.

Lilleah - try local shops. I couldn't find them in Petsmart or Petco. If not, go on eBay. I saw them on there for $6-7 (replacements were $2-3) + S/H.
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aaaaaaaawwwwww boy! sound so cute the little orange boy!
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that's called the five claw discount
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Awww, sounds like a real cute kitty

What exactly is "da bird"?
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LOL that's so funny!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Awww, sounds like a real cute kitty

What exactly is "da bird"?
It's REALLY cool! It's a fishing pole-type of toy and the feather at the end is structured to twirl when you wave it around, so it mimics a bird in flight. You can buy them online for $25 (through, but like I mentioned before you can find them on eBay and I found the one I got at a mom and pop type shop. Reilly will go nuts! Even our fat cat Beauty will actually GET UP to chase it.
I was too cheap for a long time about getting it, but finally I caved. The little orange cat was also a good advertisement for it!
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That's so cute. There's nothing better than a friendly cat.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Awww, sounds like a real cute kitty

What exactly is "da bird"?
It one of the most popular cat toys a feather on a string.

Mica destroyed all the feathers must get more!
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I just ordered Da Bird online today; apparently there's just once place in Germany that sells it.
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I finally ordered one too and am waiting in its arrival

Our local pet shop has a shop cat who used to be there for adoption but was never taken as he seemingly doesn't behave very well... I wanted him so badly at the time but the shelter wont let me have another cat so I had to keep making excuses to go to the pet store (not that I find that difficult ) I was so happy when they kept him, but now he does the exact same thing, its like he gets upset that you are daring to remove his favourite toys from the store
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I'm going to try to find one next time I hit PetSmart. My girls love things with feathers. That story is too cute! I like to go to PetSmart and take the toys I'm buying over to the rescue area and play with the kitties. They are good testers
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That is so funny! Sounds like something my RB kitty Tiger would have done.
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That's a great story LOL!!
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