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We have a new digital camera!

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First and formost, sorry, but I don't know how to post more than 1 pic per post!

Here is Striker - he is the most camera shy cat we have. He is the most shy cat we have - i don't think my mom believes we have him as she has never seen him.
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This is Sugarly - my Princess. She is off her meds now and seems to be doing fine.
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Merlin has been sucking up to the camera - he is a camera hog. He is a momma's boy and that is why he gets away with being the Evil One!
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This is one of the only times Moo was nice to Sugie.
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This is Pepperpot - daddy's girl. She is the best jumper we have. She is Alpha Cat!
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And last, but definately not least is Excalibur - Scally. He is a little snuggle bum chunky boy who loves his daddy best, but still loves his mommy.
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I love the spots on the noses! They're all beautiful; I think Pepperpot is exceptionally pretty, though. Don't let the rest of them know I said that! Can't have crying kitties.
Tell me. Is it easy to use a digital camera to post pictures. Do you have to buy a very expensive one? Some are very reasonable now; are they ok?
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Hubby says you have great taste - Peeps is daddy's girl. We got a fairly good digital camera - hubby likes his toys. It is a Kodak 4 mega pixal (whatever that means). It came with a little docking station. Put the camera in the station, press a button and pictures automatically download. We retouch them and resize them with a photo editting software.
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Excalibur is my favourite!

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Striker is my favorite, but they are all cute!

I have a kodak digital camera too. We use a parallel port to upload the pics to the computer.

Ours is a Kodak DC240 Zoom.
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Very pretty kitties! I love all the black noses!
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They are all cuties!
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All the kitties are cute. I have a Sony didgital camera and it is wonderful. Everyone should own a digital camera. They are the best!
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What beautiful kitties you have! I love them all!
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Ady your babies are all gorgeous. Of course, I am partial to black and whites.

Digital cameras are a godsend! We have had our Sony for a few years a don't know what we ever did without it. Of course, we still mainly take pics of the kitties! Ours takes pics on floppy disc which makes it nice for uploading on the computer.

Jeanie - most of the digital cameras on the market now are more than sufficient for sharing photos over the net, even the cheaper ones. The most expensive ones have better features for if you want to make prints. All you need is some type of photo editing software, most of the time it comes bundled with the camera, and you're all set to go!
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Thank you! I have a couple of cameras already, and I think an inexpensive one that I could use with the computer will be fine. My birthday is coming up, so I'm putting one on my wish list!
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all your cats are beautiful. I really like Striker (maybe 'cause he's the shy one). Merlin bears a striking resemblance to Zapata! Take away the black spots on the nose and chin and I would swear it was my cat. Even his expression reminds me of Zapata.
anyway, congrats. on your new camera!
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Pretty kitties!! I'm buying a Vivitar digital, first of the month. That's when my first alimony check is due. Wal-Mart has one, for about $50.00. I figure its a good starter camera for aomeone who doesn't know anything about them.
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what beauties!
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What beautiful cats you have!!!!! I love the pictures!
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Ady -what a bunch of incredible cuties!

Stiker and Laz DO look a lot alike! I love Pepperpot (and what a great name!). Our other kitty, Sheldon, is black and white. I think he's my Avatar right now.

Lazlo also reminds me of Hissy's Shredder (although you'd have to put Shelly's pattern onto Lazlo's colors), who I think of every day ever since she mourned his loss here.

What a great gang you've got there!

I need to get pics of our outside kitties up here one of these days....

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Thank you for sharing your family!!!

All are beautiful!:tounge2:
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Pepperpot looks just like my fur baby Auxana! They could be twins. She's a Daddies girl and also the alpha cat of my brood. All your kitties are beautiful! You must be such a proud Mommy.

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Ady...what a beautiful family of kitty's you have! They are all so cute I couldn't possibly pick a fave. Although...any that remotely resemble Jedi have a special place in my heart!
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Pepperpot looks just like PepperAnne except my Peppy has way more furr
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They are all gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing such great pictures with us
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Ady - what a bunch of cuties. Lucky old you to have such a very, very pretty family of kitties.
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