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Maggie Mays Midlife Crisis?

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I'll try to make this short. Maggie May is 11, spayed, and recently got a clean bill of health from her yearly vet visit. For a while she would poo right outside the litterbox, but pee in the box. I guess I didn't scoop fast enough (2 times a day).
Called the vet, the vet tech said pooing outside the box is a behavior problem, peeing outside the box is a sign of a UTI.
So I got a second litter box. After all these years of sharing with her sister Jazz the vet tech suggested this. Well MM is never happy with change so when I first put out the new litter box she peed down the hall by the front door , but pooed in the box. After that she used either litter box.
This morning I scooped both litter boxes after I got out of the shower, MM watched me do this. She then turned around and went down the hall ready to pee in the exact same spot as last week!!! When I chased her she went into the litter box and peed.

Is she being spiteful because I don't scoop her box first?

Please help.

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Wow...sounds like little Maggie May is quite the picky girl! Sometimes when a kitty is getting older, they get quite picky about things. It might have something to do with her age.

Another quick question though...has anythign changed in her environment recently (as in within the past month)?
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Nope, everything is the same except for the extra litter box.
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Wow...that's a tough call. Normally I would tell someone their kitty doesn't like something about their litterbox, but you've had her so long, and she's had things a certain way for so long, that it's not likely the issue.

I hope someone comes along that can help you figure it out! Sorry I couldn't add more to help!
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