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Baby pictures and questions?

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Well my babies are doing great! They eat and sleep all day long, but I do have a question. Should I be worried that every now and again I will hear one of them sneeze? And they do this weird thing where it looks like they are panting? They will open their mouths and breath in and out really fast and hard? Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Anyway, I've attached some new pics, hope you like em'.




http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...s/IMG_1474.jpg (I love this one!)


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my kittens open there mouths and do the same thing every now and again.
it must be some sort of behavioural thing.
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Cant help on the sneezing part. I would just monitor that..
But as far as the opening their mouth, and breathing...
They are HISSING, and its supposed to frighten you

The first time my baby did it I thought he was gasping for air...
He eventually stopped..Frightening huh..They might gum you to death if you dont watch out..

Pictures are adorable
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I would just watch out with the sneezing that it doesn't come with a stuffy nose or runny eyes which would indicate an upper respirtory infection and the need for antibiotics. The occasional sneeze isn't a problem.
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Yep, they are hissing! Heehee! Mine are doing it too occassionally and I think it's so funny! I have one that does it more than the others so we think she's gonna be a little spit fire!
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LOL!! That is sooo funny, they are hissing at me! What a relief...I guess. Poor babies, I guess that is a sign they want me to leave them the heck alone! Thanks for the info!
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LOL, be afraid, be very afraid.
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They may want you to leave them alone or they just don't know your scent yet. Mine did it a lot when I would reach in the nest and pet them at first. And then at about day 4 they stopped hissing at me. Then yesterday I put some self tanner lotion which left a strange smell on me. Well, when I reached in the box to pet they started hissing again. They didn't recognize my new scent.

I've heard that you can put a smelly old tshirt that you've worn all day and sweated in into their nesting box or area and they will start to get used to your smell and be less frightened by you.
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