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Tuesday's DT

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I took my dog, Scooby to meet his new obedience intructor today. Scooby is a very well mannered dog(thanks to 3 years of hard work on my part) but I want him to step up a level. If he excells at these courses I would like to enter him into obedience trials(Through the MBCA).

The trainer was very impressed with Scooby. He took him around the ring and gave him commands all of which he obeyed. I was even suprised he listened to a stranger but I stood on the side lines and watched with a big grin like the proud mom I am.

Originally he was supposed to start out in basic obedience but the trainer felt he belongs in level 2. I can't help but gloat.

Have a wonderful evening all!!
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That is great - of course you are the proud momma! He will be the star pupil! Hockey on tonight - Toronto against Carolina, unfortunately our head coach is in the hospital with chest pains. I guess the stress of Olympic gold and now possible Stanley cup have gotten to him. I hope the team wins for him tonight. I hope everyone has a great night.
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Well, I didn't know where to post this, so this thread is as good as any ~ please say a prayer or send a good thought our way. Spawn is not feeling well. She's been sick since early this morning. We're going to the vet tomorrow morning, but I'm really worried about her tonight. She threw up this afternoon, what looked like bile... but otherwise she hasn't vomited... she hasn't used her litter box, either. She hasn't eaten.. and I think the one time she threw up was because she tried to get a drink of water. She's just laying on the bed... she purrs when I go in and pet her, otherwise she just lays there. It also feels like she has a fever. Anyway, I'll let you all know what the vet says in the morning.
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Poor baby! I hope everything goes okay at the vet tomorrow. Prayers flying Spawn's way from Toronto.
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I'm sending positive thoughts toward you and Spawn, and I hope she will be ok. Could you please update us on how she's doing after you've seen the vet?
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Our little rascals Casper and Kitty are 1 year old today... been a busy day for them, playing, playing and playing....and running around the place, having the time of their lives!

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Happy birthday Casper and Kitty!
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A day late. OOPS.

Much positive energy going to Spawn. I hope she is OK.

Happy Birthday to both Kitty and Casper! May they have many, many more!
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