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Need help naming kittens

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Hi all, I've got 3 one week old kittens and I haven't been able to come up with any names I like for two of them. I figure with 500 people's suggestions, I'll find something hehe

The one I did name is all white with blue ears. He was getting some breakfast from Mom and kept wigglying his ears while drinking, so he is going to be Wiggles. :-)

That leaves two that need names still. One is all white and the other is a red tabby with a white face. Thanks for your help! I'll get pictures as soon as I can get a friend to bring over his digital camera.
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hmm, i really like Bella, or Belle, and i also like Easter.

i'll get back with more suggestions. i also suggest you watch them and play with them, and just be around them, they might just let you know what their names are.

and welcome to you fireshoes

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How about Mimer for the one with the white face?
I agree with blue though. Be around them for awhile and they will name themselves.
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My kitten's name is Quinn.. we brought him home and observed him for a while, then tossed around names over dinner. He just looked like a "Quinn." It fits him PERFECTLY.

So I will tend to agree.. you should just watch and name as your kittens start to display their personalities.
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Oh, and I bet they're just adorable with their eyes not even open or their ears not up yet!

Here's a name: Minya
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Three little mewlings, eh? Well, I agree with Blue: wait a bit and see if they themselves reveal their names!

What I've noticed over the years is that there seem to be three distinct schools of cat-naming: the formal school ("Harribald's Archdiocese of Wittemburg," "Prediliction's Essence of Camembert," "Dilmundingberg's Thrombosis of Perpetuity"); the sapient school ("Jennifer," "Debbie," "Samantha"); and the, um, other school ("Blackie," "Poopsie," "Socks"). I favor the second school.

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Ooooo, Thrombosis of Perpetuity! lol, I usually go with the regular and "other" names, so I'll probably pass on Thrombosis, as cool as that would be! ;-)
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I know a breeder who used to be a pharmasist and so she names all her cats after drugs.LOL
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Don't forget Fran, Sandie - she names all of her cats after liquor - I have one of her Abbysinaians (Merlot) and there is a Chianti and a Red Rum - and the list goes on.

How about Glacier for the white kitten - it is a nice strong name....
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Thanks for your help with the names. I'll probably just keep watching them to come up with some names. There's not a big hurry, after all they just sleep and eat so far. Their eyes are still closed too! They are definitely changing though. The all white one's ears have started to darken to a blue like it's sibling. The biggest surprise though is Wiggles looks like he's going to be a longhair! Early on there wasn't any noticable difference, but upon closer inspection, he's a lot more fluffy lol. I'm excited since I've never had a longhair before! Still working on getting my friend to bring over his digital camera. I'll post the pics as soon as I can! - Bob
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All I can say is that I hear red tabby and I wish I could have it!
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If I gave you him, you would have three and I would only have two! That just wouldn't be right! lol
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And I hear white with blue points and I wish I could have it!

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Oooh, that's cold, fireshoes!
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Here is a trick I read in a cat tip book. Upon naming you kitty... pick a name that is like kitty. My cat's name is Lily... Some other names, Monty, Daisy, Stormy. I think you get the picture. The cat will always come to kitty kitty kitty. So giving them a name that is similiar, you will have better luck with them coming when they are called. It's pretty great, I always call Lily by her name and she always comes to it. However, I named her Lily before I read this book, so who knows if it is really true. They may come to any name. Just some ideas!
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Hey Fireshoes....be sure to let us know what names you decide on!
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Both of my cats know their names and come when called (if the mood strikes, of course). But sometimes I call one and the one who is NOT being called trots over. I guess he's thinking that attention is going to be doled out and he's in the mood for some.

Joey also thinks his name is "What?", because if you look at him and say that, he's over in a flash.
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How cute. Joey... I like that name for a kitty. That is pretty good that for the most part they both know their names. I like when people call their cats by the name rather than kitty.
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Thanks, swalker. His name actually goes with most people's advice in this post. When I got him, his back legs looked like a kangaroo's, so he became Joey (a baby kangaroo).
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I like to name my pets after characters in books I've read. My latest addition, a hamster, is named Pippin from The Hobbit. I think there are at least a dozen cool names in that book alone!
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Basically, I think all my cats know their names. There can be several in the room and if you say a specific name that cat will at least look at you-sometimes they even respond
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