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Morning visitor

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I was just hearing this cat meowing and meowing I check to see if a cat is shut in the bedroom, nope they're all here, but I don't see Francine. So then I can hear it's coming from outside, so I hurry out there and it's this fluffy ginger kitty I don't recall seeing before. He runs a bit away when I go out there, but he's still there meowing!

I think he must be someone's kitty who has gotten outside and is looking for his house...or maybe jut a tom looking for a "date" But Chuckie is going nuts, scratching and mewing at the windows...he's not hissing or growling, he just seems really concerned about that other kitty.

I hope that kitty can find his way home if he's lost.
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Awww, a sweet visitor coming to say Hi to you, Diane!

Will you be taking him in for the night if he doesn't make a homeward move? I hope he can find his way back, though!

Poor Chuckie! I wonder what the ginger kitty is saying to him?
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Awwwwwww i hope he's not lost bless him I wonder if he's scared with him meowing?
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How wonderful, Diane, you have a new little friend!
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Let's hope the poor little guy finds his way home and soon before he gets hurt. That's one of my worst nightmares, that one of my kits accidentally gets out and I can't find him/her.
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Will he let you touch him? Maybe you can feel if he's microchipped and if he is the vet will scan him and find out his info. If he's someone's cat I think it would be wonderful if you could try to locate his home.
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Aww, I hope the little fella finds his way back home!

Harley has a buddy like that too - he will sit outside on our patio and they will meow back and forth to eachother, and purr like crazy.

I dont know if this kitty has a home that visits Harley, but he runs away everytime I come near the door Its a pretty cat too - it has the same colours of Rosie!
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Sorry for the late update!

I did finally recognize the kitty after it got a bit lighter outside, because I couldn't see the white on him.. He is one of 3 strays that a neighbor takes care of down the street.

I did mange to get a few pics:

And Chuckie having a look

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Oh what a handsome kitty! He is truly just beautiful!
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