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Why is she doing this?

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Kaylee went into heat 2 weeks ago, she started peeing on the bed, floors, rugs, ect.
When she stopped being in heat, she resorted peeing on a special spot in the bathroom WHICH WAS OK! because its very easy to clean.
Yesterday, my cousin sat on the couch and she touched something and she started screaming because there was poop on the couch!
Yesterday evening she got into bed and there was wee on the bed.

WHy is she doing this now? Why wont she go back to the litter box like she did before?
Do i now have to toilet train her?

She finally has been booked in for next thursday at the vet to get her spay.
*the new car will be here then*

If you guys thinks she has crystals or something else i will take her to the vet this afternoon as soon as i get back from my course!
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Fran, I'm sorry you are having troubles!

Have you made sure that every area that she has used has been cleaned thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner (Simple Solution and such) so that she can't scent is completely gone?

Does Kaylee appear to be finding peeing painful or difficult? Does she strain or go often?

If this isn't the case, it may be a case of retraining her to use her tray!

I hope you can get it solved soon!
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Have there been any changes in the house? You said your cousin was there, was she just visiting or is she staying with you?

Has Teufel been at the vet lately?

You haven't said how old kaylee is.

Sometimes a cat will mark around again if somehow they feel that their normal territory scents have changed.

When I brought R&R & Little Guy back from their spay/neuter last week, I put their favorite pillow on the floor for them to lay on so they wouldn't have to jump. When I went to pick it up the next day, si9nce they weren't using it, to my display, it was soaked with cat urine. I have never had a problem before.

I called the rescue group and spoke to the vet there who said that sometimes this happens with the other cats when you bring another home fro the vet. The scent is strange, so they're not sure if its a new cat or not, and they will start to remark territory just in case, and this is the fastest way they know how to do it.

They said once the new scent disappears in a day or two, and things are back to normal, it should stop, and she was right. It didnt' happen again. I threw the pillow out immediately.

So if there is something that is causing her to feel she needs to remark her territory, that could be a reason, either another cat, a cat hanging out outside (since she isn't spayed yet the Toms could be calling to her) or even a houseguest (like your cousin).

If the problem gets really severe, one possibility is to crate her until her spay appointment and a little retraining when she returns couldn't hoit.

Once she's spayed it might go back to normal.
Let us know what happens. Good luck.
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Okay i just discovered the problem!

She is in Heat again!!!!

There are no changes in the house, just my cousin is here to visit but kaylee warmed up to her with in 2 minutes! usually she is very very skittish to people!

Kaylee is in her *Jail* for the moment, its big enough to walk around in with food and water and she is sleeping at the moment.
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Is it normal for a female cat to use the bathroom outside of the box when she is in heat? Before Dori was spayed and she went into heat she never used the bathroom outside of her box... I am just concerned there might be more to it with little Kaylee. Is she eating and drinking ok? Any signs of blood in the urine or straining?

Fran, I am sorry you have to go through this with her. I know how frustrating it can be.
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any update, fwan?
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