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Cedar is on a diet...

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My boys had their yearly checkup today and all went well. Both are very healthy and the vet was pleased with them. He was even impressed that Cedar is a little (and I stress little) less stressed and scared.

Cedar is now on a diet Poor fella just loves his food to much and no matter what I do he just puts on weight so I came home armed with 'light' food for him. He needs to loose 3kg's (about 6lbs)

This will be interesting but of course I would like to get his under control while he is still young.
I know there is loads of information on here about diet and such so I will scan the forum and do my research.

But I really am proud of my boys today. They handled the vet trip so well. Tipsy only hissed once and Cedar only buried his head in to me a couple of times
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I'm so proud of you, Tipsy and Cedar, for being such good boys for your Mum at the Vet today! Poor Cedar, it's time to get in shape, little boy! I know you'll design his new healthy lifestyle plan wonderfully, Dan. You're so smart to get a handle on this while he's still so young and healthy!
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I'm so pleased that Tipsy and Cedar did really well at the vets!

I'm sure Cedar will adjust to his new diet perfectly!
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Oh no!. You've just started me off thinking for the 20th of May when Sophie goes for her yearly checkup and i just know what their going to say!

Dan i'm like you because although Sophies not really fat i know it's for her own good as well, so i know after this checkup their going to tell me " AGAIN " and i'll really have to be more strict in the feeding department and give them just the amount they should be getting, instead of jumping at that pathetic little squeek when i walk to the fridge

Eeek then i have Rosies checkup a week or two after

It's for your own good Cedar, so listen to mummy
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Good job Tipsy and Cedar

Wow, 6 lbs is a lot to lose. How much does Cedar weigh? He doesn't look very large in your pictures.

Good luck on his new diet
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Tipsy and Cedar..you are both such brave boys.

Dexter could stand to lose a couple of lbs.
Maybe you and Cedar will be my inspiration to get Dexter on the fitness band wagon.
Please keep us updated about Cedar's progress.
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Cedar listen to Mommy and get healthier
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thankyou everyone your support is really appreciated and I hope I can get it under control soon. Cedar liked his new food today although Tipsy wanted to eat it!! Will have to feed Cedar in a seperate room I think.

Karen - Cedar weighs almost 7kg's (14lbs) and considering the breed he is he should weigh around 4kgs (8lbs). Tipsy weighs in around 5kgs (10lbs) and looks great!

Susan - good luck with you girls visit. Sophie & Cedar can diet together
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Wow, 7 kilograms is a lot. Jamie weighs 6 kg., and my vet says that's the upper limit for him not being overweight. It's probably best to get his weight down now, before Jasmine reaches the "feed the cat" stage. When my sister's youngest was little, he used to feed his pal Oliver everything. The darn cat even ate bananas!
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Such good kitties for being well behaved at the vet's. I hope he likes his new diet food
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Good luck with the weight loss, it is hard when they have so much to lose - I was told Tom had to lose about 3kg in Aug - he has lost 1.72kg so far, and I can't wait for him to weigh 6.96kg. Diet food didn't do that much for him though, wet food has been the biggest help in his weight loss, and the fact that he is a fairly active cat despite being 12 and overweight.
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