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I'm a grandma again!

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I was told to post a pic when I became a grandma again, since my girl Kassie delivered her babies by c-section before my daughter delivered. So, here is a pic of my granddaughter born today, May 4th at 4:43pm weighing 7lbs 9ozs and 20 in long! Today is my birthday as well....what an AWESOME birthday present huh!?!?! Mom and Baby Alivia are doing great! And I am just ecstatic!!!

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Wow, Tina! Great big congratulations to you! Welcome to the world, beautiful Alivia!
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CONGRATS!!!!! Totally beautiful!
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AWWWEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

She is so precious and beautiful!!!!!!!!!
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congratulations on the baby and i do agree the best birthday present ever
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Baby Alivia is adorable.
Congratulatons and Happy Birthday


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Congratulations!!, she is beautiful
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awwwwwwwww look at her - she is simply adorable

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oooohhhhh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well what a great birthday gift!!
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Wow, look at all the hair on that little one!! So precious, congratulations!!
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She looks so big in your picture..
I agree she has lots of hair!!
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Many many congrats!! And that has to be the *best* bday present ever!!
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Congratulations on being a Grandma again - what a brilliant birthday present as well!
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What a beautiful little girl!! Just gorgeous!! Congrats Gramma!!
post #16 of 24 son is due in sept. and i can't wait...i love babies and she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
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Oh, she's a little beauty! Congratulations!
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Congratulations. She's BEAUTIFUL.
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Congratulations! Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!
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That has to be the best present ever (life)
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Congatulations, Grandchildren are the most fun.
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Wow, what a cutie! Congrats, and belated Happy Birthday, too. My niece was born on my Mom's birthday. She was very excited about it, too.
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Thank you sooooooooo much everyone! We've been running around so much and with the visitors and all...I feel so wore out like I gave birth myself! LMAO

Now my other grandbabies...the furry ones; are doing great as well! It's funny...all my grandbabies are born exactly one week apart! Kassie will have to go back to see the vet the end of next wk to get her sutures removed. I'm not sure she's going to be too happy about that. But, I think she'll be more upset about leaving her babies than anything. She is such a mommy though...when my 6yr old is crying, she comes running to her meowing and if possible she'll get on her so she can lick her face. She has already tried to get close to the baby for the same thing! So, we are very watchful now.

Thanks again!!!
****proud new grandma****
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That's awesome, congratulations! What a precious, cute baby and how special she was born on your birthday!

I will be a grandma again in mid July and it is a girl. No chance of her being born on my birthday though, since mine is in October.
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