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bach's rescue remedy

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well, it took dh, myself, a towel and a blanket, but we finally got ruby's claws clipped. they were sooooo long and sharp. once we had her, i covered her eyes; it did calm her down a *little*, but she was still very anxious.

ruby is a standoff-ish cat. she has a "if you look at me, i'm leaving, and don't even try to touch me unless i'm in the mood" kind of attitude. so, needless to say, she's not a lap cat, and i can only pet her when she's on *her* chair, when she's willing.

i'd like to give her something to calm her down before we attempt this next month. i've heard that bach's rescue remedy is awesome for cats. anyone know the dosage?? has anyone used it before (successful or not)?? can i put it in soft food? she's 8.5lbs, 11mos old.

thanks for your help!
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Just a few drops in her water bowl or on her food should be sufficient! I tried Resue Remedy, but found that it didn't work as I had hoped!

I now use an herbal anxiety drop - I can find the name if you'd like it - that I find works pretty well!

Have you thought of buying FeliFriend? It helps create a familiar scent on you and aids in the handling of stand-off-ish kitties!
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I really believe in this product, and used it myself before I knew it was safe for kitties, as well. It can be safely added to the water, as Sarah mentioned. It is also safe to be given directly in the mouth if your cat will agree to it. I've given it to Sierra this way during especially stressful times, 2-4 drops.
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I use the lotion ... and it is great one swipe on the nose and it works
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