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I need some advice re:kitten and dogs

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I have five retrievers who have been brought up with cats....I dont allow them to chase although I can't say they dont try it.....

I have Janet the ragdoll kitten coming home tomm. morning... I will have her in a dog crate when I can't supervise them all.... with a litterbox and water and a bed.... my concern is how best to introduce the dogs... she has never seen dogs before...

I am unsure how best to do that..... I know one at a time and then building on that.... but just not sure.... also I have another older cat age 15 and that introduction is also a concern....

I would appreciate all of your input.... step by step would be great... I want this to go well and not have anyone traumatized.
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well Janet is home now and I have gotten no responses to my post..... I appreciate all of the help.... I will figure it out on my own and keep my fingers crossed.....

perhaps another board will bother to help me.
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I have brought three different kittens into my home of 4 dogs with no problems. None of the kittens displayed fear when they met the dogs but I suppose it's different in other households. Good luck.
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I'd keep the cat in the carrier and let the dogs sniff her. Expect some hissing on the cats part.

After a few hours then take the cat out and put in a room. Let cat get used to things for a day and then take your best behaved dog in there and either keep at a sit or down command.

Before you introduce the dogs make sure ALL nails are well trimmed (cat's) in case of swatting at the dogs.

Most times kittens will be a little afraid but warm up to dogs quickly. Older cats take longer to get to know the dog if they are not raised with one.
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I would slowly introduce them. Keep them in seperate rooms for a while. Keep the dog in a cage let the cats investigate the dog then put the cats in a cage and let the dogs investigate the cats. Then slowly let them out together once in a while untill they get use to each other.
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lol sorrry that was a really old post. I didn't see that
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