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My cat does not purr anymore

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I adopted a female cat last December, after having her for two months. At first, she did not purr, but started doing so when I came home and petted her. I got her spayed in January, as she was constantly on heat. Was purring a lot then. But not anymore, no matter how happy she is. At least, she is a very demonstrative little creature, acknowledging what I tell her by replying with the typical 'rrrrr rrrrrrttt' (don't know in English how this is called - I am French speaking).

I would like her to purr again. Would anyone know what may have stopped her? Hormonal changes due to the surgery? Very odd!

Thx in advance for your reply
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Maybe the veterinarian would have an idea, but if she seems happy, I wouldn't worry too much. I think the thing is not that she's stopped purring, but that she's no longer in heat all the time, and the purring you heard was due to that, rather than her natural expression of pleasure. She may surprise you though if you cuddle her right up on your neck when she's sleepy - you may hear a quiet purr after all sometimes.
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Have you tried putting your ear to her when you're petting her to see if she's just purring quietly than you can hear? Purring loudness and frequency really depends per cat. Our Hobbes has a VERY loud purr that you can hear in the next room, whereas you have to place your ear to Sunny to be able to hear it. I've even had cats that just didn't EVER purr, so don't worry.

Yes, the change might have to do with a hormonal change, because a lot of female cats purr much more when they're in heat. If she's not purring at all, it doesn't mean she's not happy, there are just some cats that don't purr. Your baby is totally fine, don't worry.

Of course, if you really feel there is something wrong with her, try calling your vet and explaining the situation to see if he/she wants to see your kitty. If it winds up that nothing is wrong, at least you'll be assured of her health.
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I had a female cat who never purred, but it did not mean she was unhappy. I think purring differs from one cat to another.
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