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kitten update

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the kittens are now 2 weeks ,4 days old. molly and kittens are doing very well. all 4 kittens are plump, bright and lively. there eyes are compleatly open. they let me handel them. in fact they seem to really like it.

they hiss at strange smells. and have loads of diffrent sounds they make. im happy to say i have pretty much come to understand what there crys mean.

molly is leaving them for longer and longer. and is enjoying cominging into my room for a fuss and a cuddle. but will ask when she needs to go back to her kittens. she has a look and if they are still sleeping. she will run back to me with a huge grin on her face.
however if her kittens are awake she goes and plops down for them. lookign dissapointed. bless.

but she is a very good mother. the nest is a white sheepskin and its very clean.

tonight we brought the kittens into my bedroom, and they had a walk and were staring at all the new sites, facinated.

only kept them out for 5 mins. then put them back to the nest.

mum was fine by it as long as i was with the kittens.

1 day old!

2and a half weeks!

little girl

her sister

partners in crime!

the boys!

girl again

group hug
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I love when baby kitties hiss, it's so cute. Glad to hear it's going well, I look forward to pictures!
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Those are such adorable faces.. Should of warned me.
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