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Ever have this kind of day?

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For one thing I know I need a vacation. Not a couple of days off, but GO SOMEWHERE..need to get away from Michigan.

However today I'm just blanking. I'm having a hard time paying attention to conversation and just saying stupid things. For example at lunch today some people were talking about a manager's watch and how its 20 years old. Then the manager said it's officially 20 in 31 days. So I said "Oh are you going to have a party for it?" jokingly.
It wasn't the watch he was talking about...it was HIS ANNIVERSARY. somewhere I missed that the watch was given to him by his wife when they first got married.

I've been doing it a little, but lately I feel like I'm going crazy!!

Luckily I'm going to visit my friend in DC next month!!

Anyone else have days like this??
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Yes. This whole week. I am jsut so tired and I agree a vacation is desperately needed. August needs to hurry up!!
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Just about every day!
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I have a lot of days like this
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Everyday is like this for me
Unfortunately for me, most of the people in my office do not have a sense of humour.
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how old is Jasmine right now?

(just worked it out) I have felt like this for the last 249 days
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Yeah, a whole lot of them, really close together!
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You know...those days really are no fun. I feel ya on this one. Really. I had a about 2 weeks of my life that I was actually considering quitting all of my jobs, and checking myself in. lol. It was horrible.
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