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How many kitties die of spaying/neutering?  

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We had the most precious little girl, a tiny little tuxedo kitten. (miss Roscoe). She died at 5 1/2 months during her spaying/declawing procedure.
We are thinking of getting another kitten (in addition to our tiger cat) but I would be so afraid of taking her in for spaying, even though I know you should.

Does anyone know the percentage of kittens who die under anesthesia? How many spaying/neutering operations end in death? Thanks all...
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I'm not sure of the statistics, but I'm sure it is pretty low. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. There are tests you can have done before the procedure to make sure that there isn't possible reactions to the type of anethetic they use. It doesn't cost that much for peace of mind.

Also, I hope you will reconsider getting a new kitty declawed. I don't know how much your vet told you about what the procedure actually involves. I know that my vet didn't tell me anything, just recommended it. The procedure actually involves the amputation of the first knuckle of kitty's paws, not just the removal of the nail bed (that's what my vet told me). It is very painful for kitty to recover from. My baby's paws got infected really bad and I almost lost him. There are also a lot of behavioural problems that can develop after this procedure is done. They may have litterbox problems because it hurts them to scrape in the litter so they will go where there isn't litter. They may become aggressive biters since their first line of defence, their claws, are taken away. They can also develop arthritis later in their lives. All this is if the surgery is performed successfully, nevermind when there are complications or it is botched. Kitties can be taught not to scratch furniture and people. Most of them are really good about it if they have alternatives to the couch like scratching posts. Check out the Declawing Sticky at the top of this forum for more information.

I hope I don't come off as preachy. I was uninformed when I had this done to my kitten. The vet didn't explain anything to me or tell me of the possible problems. All they wanted was more money. Had I been informed I never would have gotten this done.
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I'm sorry I don't know the percentage, but I do want to urge you not to declaw the new kitten. It is a horrible procedure for a cat to go through. Good luck and welcome to the CatSite!
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The percentage of dogs and cats dying while having spay/neuter surgery are very low. I rescue feral cats, spaying/neutering and releasing. I've spayed/neutered well over 100 and lost 2 and both were due to incompetent medical personnel. Just make sure your vet uses gas and not telazol or another injectable drug. They are dangerous. I know vets use them, but it's telezol that took my 2 ferals.

And please do not declaw your cat. Visit the various web sites that talk about the horrors of declawing. Educate, don't mutilate!

Good Luck
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wow, I don't really need all the harrassment about declawing. I get it now, okay? I came here to try to understand why my little kitten died in her SPAYING procedure. I don't need lectures that make me feel like I killed her. Thanks for making me feel lousy.
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None of us who wrote about the hazards of delcawing meant to offend you. Our only motive is to educate people. I know I speak for everyone when I say we didn't mean to insult you or hurt your feelings. There are some real nice people on these forums. They always try to be helpful.

You must understand some of us see the horrors that face thousands of cats and we get a bit emotional because we love them so much.

Let up hear how your baby does with her spay. Also, I belive you asked how old they should be? They can get spayed as young as 8 weeks, but please don't wait past 4 months as she could become pregnant.

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Adaora, I'm sorry if I came off too strong about declawing. I was just trying to share my experience with you when I followed my vet's bad advice. I wish that someone had shared this kind of information with me before I got my kitty declawed.

Certainly, no one is saying that having either procedure done is what caused your kitten's death. Like I said in my first post, I know that there are tests you can have done to make sure there isn't a potential reaction to the anesthetic that they use. If there is a test for it, there has probably been problems. I think the test is under $100.

Did your vet have anything to say about why this happened? Was it a reaction to the anesthetic, like allergic reaction? I know this sometimes happens in humans when they are put under. Could there have been a congenital problem that they were unaware of, like a problem with the liver? I think that the test mentioned above is actually a test of the liver to make sure it can filter the anesthetic out of the body without poisoning.

Again, I'm sorry if I came off too strong. That really wasn't my intent.
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Honestly no one meant to make you feel lousy. There are a few subjects that are considered "hot topics" on cat boards and declawing falls into that catagory. Many here are passionate about the subject as you see by the responses, but no one meant to flame you they were just in a hurry to educate you quickly. Some of us who do rescue work, know full well how many problems can arise from declawing a cat and if what was said here hurt your feelings that was not the intention.

I am so sorry you lost your kitty. That is very hard to deal with, especially because she died under what you considered to be "capable hands." I have had a lot of cats that have been neutered and spayed in the 10 years that I have been rescuing and never once lost one. I would say that it was probably a reaction to the anesthesia that caused your kitty's demise. Again, I am sorry for your loss and hope you will stick around and see that the people here really do care about you and your animals.
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