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Are you doing what you planned to do?

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I recently received an invitation for my 20th high school reunion. Man, I am getting old!

It made me think back to when I graduated. I went to college majoring in Mathematics, with intentions on being a high school teacher. After two years, Differential Equations, Physics, and a few other things, I changed my mind and my major. I graduated with a degree in Business Management and immediately took a job in Inventory Control and Materials Management. I was then a Purchasing Manager for 10 years. Now, I have scrapped all of that, and am trying to decide what my next path is going to be.

Is anyone doing what they planned they would do?
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IRght now no. I planned on being in college and becoming a teacher. I wanted to teach 2nd grade. Right now I am doing accounting (something I NEVER thought I would be doing as I hate math).I still have time to get on track though.
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Nope, I never finished college, so that kinda ruined my plan of being a psychologist and then I worked at a restaurant for a couple years, and I knew without a doubt that I did NOT want to do that for the rest of my life. My current job basically fell into my lap (thanks to my Ma) and they will have to drag me kicking and screaming from this joint-30 years here I come! only 23 more

oh yeah, and this year is my tenth reunion, but I haven't recieved anything about it
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I graduated from High School and went to a 2 year college and graduated with a major in Business Management & Administration. I always new I wanted to work in a car dealership, and in an office environment - and here I am! In a body shop, managing the office!

I'm only 22, so I have plenty of time to change, but right now, I'm getting the experience I need to do something better I'd really like to do something in HR - time will tell!
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Yup! Horses have been the only thing to keep my interest for any significant period of time. I started riding when I was nine. Lost the support of my parents halfway through highschool so for the last 6 years I have been catching whatever rides I could, working in a barn whenever I can. I just finished my last semester in college as a Broadcasting major (a backup in case I am ever injured and cannot ride) and now I am finally getting to focus 100% on my riding. To a lot of people, I sound crazy, but I want to make it my career and I have olympic goals. The job I am taking in June is with someone who will help me reach my goals, and I will hopefully help her with her's on the way (without going into too much detail she wants to create a school in America where traditional riding and a good foundation can be taught). Eventually I want to help people who were/are like me with not much financial support. Kind of like giving a helping hand to those reaching for their dreams I guess. Anyway, that is the short of it. I could go on and on but I'll spare you all that.
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Not at all!

I went to college right after high school planning to get a degree in journalism. That went as planned, but nothing else has. I was hoping to get a job working for a big daily newsaper after I graduated. I also figured I meet the right guy, fall in love, marriage, kids, etc... But, while I was still in college, I enlisted the Army Reserves and enjoyed it so much that I went on active duty after I graduated and served five years. When I got out, the first job I could find was as a manager at Bob Evans. Did that for a couple of years, then quit to work as a claims adjuster at an insurance company.
That was pretty cool. because I worked my way up to investigating fraudulent claims. Could have made it a career, but deep down knew there was something else I was meant to do, which led to the nun thing.

So, much for any plans I may have had!
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Nope, I went to school for Hotel Management..and then quickly realized after 3 years of making no money that it would not work out for me.

Insurance it is!
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Not on my original track either!

After graduating HS, I wanted to be a music teacher. Two years into music, I scrapped that, then wanted to be a Web Designer. Finished college with this background, but took a job in computer support since web designers were a thing of the past. Now I'm an I.T. Manager, bored with it and am going back to school this fall for a Masters in Information Security.
The weird thing is that when I'm done with the business world, I want to go back and teach...
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I majored in Experimental Foods and Nutrition/Dietetics with a Chemistry minor.
I had a job working for one of the professors exploring some sort of compound but his grant was cut to there went that job!! I wanted to be a food scientist-developing new food products something like that. So after college I was a nutritionist at a health club (the club closed). Then worked for the WIC
(women's-infants-children) program for 3 yrs got burnt out-did temping for a yr or so until I landed at FMCC which was 20 yrs. Now I'm the boss during landscaping (but I have a large veg garden and experiment w/recipes!!)

BTW my 20th reunion was a blast!!
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Out of high school I wanted to go to Uni with a major in geography and hope for a job in urban planning. I wanted a double major in political science or a minor in english.

Right now I'm in Uni, major political science (school doesnt have a geography department!) and my plan is to teach 4-8 grades social studies/language arts. Right now my minor is english, however I no longer want to work for the govenment unless its a really nice job offer! I'd rather teach.

Also, along the way I've gotten my A.A.S in culinary arts!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Is anyone doing what they planned they would do?
my 30th high school reunion is this June & my college major was pre-med/biology...
i teach special ed, so i would say NO! i am not doing what i thought i would be lo those many years ago...
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I really think that there are few people out there that actually do what they originally planned.
Part of it is that you get out into the "real" world and you discover that your choice of career isn't all what its cracked up to be.
For others, they may have gotten burned out quicker than others...such as if you're in a fast pace industry.
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Does anything ever work out so ideally, Karen? I'm at least still in the right ball park. I went to Nursing School to continue for my Masters in Nurse Midwifery, changing that to Family Nurse Practitioner along the way and then getting stuck working with the intentions to return to school. I've worked as a Pediatric Nurse for years and have just this year begun working as a Psych Nurse in an Adolescent facility. Now, I desperately want to return to school, this time, though, I'm planning to get my degree in Psychology. Honestly, though, I'd love to scrap it all and be a Feline Specialist! I may never know for sure what I want to be when I grow up!
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Me, not by a long shot. I didn't think I had the grades and couldn't afford going to school to be a vet. I went to school for Human Services, but soon found out that there was so much red tape that actually helping anyone would be rare. Some things happened (small town crapola) that disenchanted me so much I never went back to it. I'm an office manager - never thought I would be and never took a business course.

My husband (newlywed and love saying husband ) is doing exactly what he planned. He is a landscaper and has been for 32 years. He never had any desire to do anything else. He realized a long time ago that it wouldn't make him a rich man. It has made him a wonderful and happy man though. He's doing what he loves.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Does anything ever work out so ideally, Karen?
No, I really don't think that is does, which is why I was wondering if it had for anyone. So far, not many
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
No, I really don't think that is does, which is why I was wondering if it had for anyone. So far, not many
I really want to see you in a pic of you Prom,... my friend! can you share it with us?

Is not a mandatory!,....Just for ask
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Nope not me. I wanted to be a hairstylist and ended up a teacher LOL
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Hmm.... I honestly think it may be at my parent's house. I don't know if I ahve it . I will look around.
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Oky Doky! ....no problem! .....
Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I recently received an invitation for my 20th high school reunion. Man, I am getting old!
YES! ....May I to suggest ...

and good Luck ...if you decide to go at the Party! ....
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So far, yes. Which is saying a lot as about 60% of the people I started college with will or already have dropped out of the program.

When I graduated high school, I wanted to go to music school and get a performance degree and do something in the field of music for a living.

I truly thought I'd be at Indiana University or University of Michigan rather than where I ended up, but this school gave me a lot more money and I just have a connection with my applied teacher here that I didn't have with the IU guy (who is either leaving or has left that school?) or the U of M lady, although I've recently reconnected with her, so perhaps to Ann Arbor for grad school?

I also figured I'd get married right out of school if I ever got married. Not sure why, I just figured that if I was going to find someone, it'd be while I was in school.
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Seeing as how I'd planned to be a major star of the screen and stage...No. I do however, use many of my acting and dancing skills in my current job staffing a medical association. (I can tap dance around a topic like nobody's business ) Despite the change in plans, though, I do very much enjoy my job (usually) and feel like I've ended up where I was meant to end up.
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I'm definitely not where I planned to be! I decided in high school that I wanted to be a nurse so I went to university to get my BSc in Nursing. Two years into it I realized it wasn't for me. I went on to a local computer/business college and took a couple of programs there (Tech Support/Network Admin). Sadly I couldn't find a job as the market was so saturated with new grads; and companies wanted people with experience. After I had finished my first program I got a casual job doing data entry. I was casual with that company until 2001 when I was put on full time. I was an admin assistant for about a year, until a position in accounts payable came available. I'm going on 4 years in that position. Recently I've been asked to help with computer issues, so I will get to use some of what I went to school for.
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I had planned to be married with kids by now. I would have been if my marriage had stayed together, instead I'm single and have lots of fur kids, lol....So, no, not really what I had planned for myself! I guess it's what God has planned for me though!
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I started college as pre-med/psychology and I wanted to be a Psychiatrist in a mental institution. I finished college as an English/Women's Studies double major. Decided to go to Taiwan to teach Englis for a year off before Law School. Met hubby (also had vowed I'd never get married! ) Moved to Australia (only person I know who never even wanted to visit there no offense to the Aussies)
Got a job in IT. huh? got some post graduate diploma thing in IT. Went up the ranks. Hated it.
Moved back to Taiwan and am teaching English. Not too fond of that now, either.

I think I am destined to have about 15 different jobs and 5 different degrees by the time I finish with this life.

And I like it that way!
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I think I read somewhere that the average person goes through about 4-5 job changes in their life time. I'm not sure if they consider branching off in your main area of complete job change.

I wonder where I'll be 10 years from now.
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I went into college not sure if I wanted to pursue my interest in science (biology) or my writing (I was a poet, did a couple of plays). I ended up pursuing the writing, did a self-designed major that was essentially a major in English and a Minor in Philosophy, spent my Junior year away at a now defunct, but then first year of a Women's Writer's Center.

Graduated, took my GRE's, couldn't decide on what to go to grad school for (liked very, very much the idea of comparative literature with french as my second language but wasn't sure how it would translate to a job as I didn't want to teach. My mom was a teacher, I grew up around teachers, and it wasn't for me!)

So...I travelled a bit, school of hard knocks for a year, came home was trying to decide what to go to grad school for (still!) and got engaged...then went to get my associates degree and my RN, as I didn't want to be married with no way to support any children if my husband died.

Almost through school, I got disengaged. Hunh...career I didn't want (no offence, I'd simply always wanted to be a doctor if I went into medicine, not a nurse). Did high risk labor and delivery for 13 years, loved it but it was a surprise to me that this was my career.

Married (!!), switched coasts, retired from nursing. Along the way, cats kept me sane from the pressures of very busy/intense job. Never, ever dreamed I'd end up a business owner of a cat products business.

I thought perhaps in my later years, I'd get back to sculpture, my poetry, pursue jewelry design (I've made just a few pieces ever, but they were unique, from scratch and, I think, lovely) more seriously.

Of course, I still have a strong desire to get into sculpture again, and maybe my muse will start whispering again if I humbly beg her
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Humm graduated in 97 ... instead of going right to college I let Mom convince me to try the Army reserves ... I got really injured right off but made it thru basic and most of medic training( sucked I had the highest ave)... I spent about six months on my back while letting MDs try what they thought would work ... Then I took over and got back on my feet worked for a bit went to college to be a dietcian(sp) realized the internship would be alot of compition and so I went to biology ... I thought I could take that degree and get my phd in one of three feilds ..lmao... I got thru freshman and the first half of sophmore yr great ... Then Mom got sick and I went to pieces .. So I took the pieces and went to take care of Mom and get me put back together .. The last 5 and half years have benn good and bad but God s plan seems to work ... I have jobs that I do on my time so I am able to do dr appt s and the other stuff ....
One day after Mom goes and I get my life back I will get back on the train called my life
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Well I'm still in college so all good so far!
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I'm doing what I want to. I'm currently in my third year of university, training to become a vet. But when I was only a couple years old, I wanted to be a paleontologist. Then as I was going through High School I couldn't decide what I wanted to do but I knew it would involve a lot of science and math so I took all the maths and sciences and then finally with about 2 months left of grade 12 I decided I wanted to devote my life to helping animals.
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I'll add my nope! I started out wanting to major in Theology. Got accepted, found out some not so good info about the school, changed plans. Started Nursing. Did one year of all the pre stuff (anatomy and junk). Changed my mind about that. Got a degree in Interior Design. I'd need more education and to live in a different area for that, so I ended up taking a clerical program, and now I teach that same program. It's good most of the time. The best perk is I work in the same office as my Mom.
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