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Butt issues?

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Umm... I thought about taking a picture of Luna's butt and posting it on here saying "What does this look like?" but couldn't stop giggling at the thought.

anyhoo, last night B made a comment that he thought that Luna's sphincter (sp?) was popping out of her butt. Is this possible? I guess I need to look at another cats butt to compare. He's thinking it might be irritated.

Just curious.
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it is possible ... my yorkie s is like that and it is usually her anal glands
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Yes it is also my Bassethound RIP had been used as a breader dog because of her excellent temperment and at 11 she had her last litter but he female and butt parts where so used and stretched it hung out. Poor thing was so sweet.
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awww...poor thing.

Luna is fixed, or does this not make a difference?
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It may be nothing but you do not want to take a chance.
Take Luna to your vet to be checked out.
It is the only way to know for sure.
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How are her stools? Spot had problems with his anus extruding frequently, usually when he was constipated or had diarrhea. The vet gave me a topical ointment to help relieve the discomfort.
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I think I will take her to the vet. I'm trying out a new one (since the previous vet is now 45 minutes away) with Whitey tomorrow morning. Maybe they can see her too or get her in soon!

I did get a look at her butt and it does look swollen. Poor thing! I've seen her in the litter box, but haven't paid attention to what comes out.
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Update is that the anal glands are not swollen, she is pooping and the vet rubbed some cream on it to help with the swelling. He said it's usually if there's overlicking or maybe one of the other cats tried to clean it for her.
If it doesn't reduce I'm suppose to put a tiny drop of cortizone on it and if it gets worse call him.
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Glad to hear that she's doing okay.
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Thanks for letting us know.
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