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My 5 kittens turned 3 weeks today! As of yesterday they started following me around when up wanting tons of attention! I'm so in love At what age can I add some small toys to there play area? What kind do I use?
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I gave my kittens toys from about 3 weeks. They liked the small filled pillows and stuffed balls with bells on. They would play with them and then use them as a 'comfort pillow' when they slept.

At just over 4 weeks, they are loving all sorts of toys....especially the cat tree. If you have one or able to get one, I recommend that as they enjoy climbing the sisal climbing posts. I have carefully attached toys (cat teddy bears and balls) to the cat tree and they love playing with the dangling toys (be careful about elastic/string).

At this tender age, its the small sisal toys with bells that I would recommend.
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Add the toys now and notice the fun begining...
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