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Happy Anniversary Mackenzie!

Tracy!! a 2 hour drive??? I hope you don't have to do that very often.

Sorry Lauren, it is gorgeous her today also!

Tanya, stay in bed!

I bought some plants yesterday, and although it is still too early to put them in, I am excited about it.

It really is gorgeous, so I am going for a walk in a little bit. I should attempt to weed one of the gardens also.
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Good mid morning everyone.

Tanya I hope you feel better!!

So Karen what kind of plants did you get?

We have so many employees out sick with their kids this week that they sent letters home with all students talking about this virus going around the area schools. Yuck!!!
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I bought some tomato and pepper plants.

I may buy some flowers later today.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I bought some tomato and pepper plants.

I may buy some flowers later today.
Karen, I love your Cinco de Mayo siggy, love Abby's hat!

Wait... thats not Abby... is it!?

*runs off to other thread*
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I bought some tomato and pepper plants.

I may buy some flowers later today.
Ooh, I have my pepper planted up ready! I haven't done my tomatoes yet (need more compost!) but the poor things will have to go in soon, they were all wilted with the heat yesterday!

I have to plant my strawbs up too!

Which flowers are you hopping to get Karen?
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Well now, this is the Thursday giggles thread!
Brad and I have the day off and we are Mothers day shopping. He hates it! Poor thing! I feel so sorry for him actually having to to things that need to be done instead of disc golfing on this beautiful day. I'm such a slave driver!
I need to find a way to keep a roaming cat away from our house. It's making 5 am a mad house! Our cats all get riled up and Isis being sick gets more upset then usual (at least I know why now) and she's trying to fight our cats which isn't the best of ideas, since she is 12 pounds and Twig is 22. It hasn't escalated into an actual fight but I fear will soon, since the other cats can only take so much. But by the time we get up, she is ok again. Any ideas?

Happy Anniversary Mackenzie! Have a great day everyone!!!
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My Thursday is going well so far...No Chaotic situations at work, and I'm eating some yummy Thai food for lunch!!! It's actually good, not too spicy.

I have to stay at work until 6pm tonight though, so that isn't the best thing. But after that we are going to look at an apartment! That's always fun!

Happy Anniversary Mackenzie!! and Tanya, I hope your pneumonia goes away soon
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Happy Anniversary Mckenzie!!!!!
Met w/ a client last night and have to do a complete lndscape design for them (yay!!) This morning met w/another client for the paving stuff he wants-just wait till he finds out the cost!! I forgot tape measure so I bought another one.
Then stopped at various greenhouses and I RE_INJURED MY ANKLE!!! Just walking in a stop as it gave way so I found the nearest drug store and bought a brace so no gardening for me today-ice on the ankle instead. I did have another couple stops for plant prices which I did.
Yesterday one of the male bluebirds in the yard is attacking one of the garage windows-I tried to take some pics but through a window screen they look kinda funny -he attacking one of the kitchen windows now-I can open the door and talk to him-he doesn't fly off-there is a nest in a birdhouse that is about 1 ft from garage and there are eggs as the mother bird-I saw her sitting on the nest-maybe he is being protective!!! But he doesn't fly away too far-maybe I can get closer for some better pictures!!
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Happy thurdays to every one! ...

Mackenzie! happy anniversary to you and Hubby! ...my best wishes to you! many happy returns!!!
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