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question about getting new puppy

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next weekend my mom is giving us her 4 month old shitsu (sure i spelled that wrong lol) we have had a dog before but it was mostly outside. what is the best way to asure that they will get along. we will have the puppy in a kennel when we are gone and at night so i dont have to worry then. the cats litter box and food are upstairs so im thinking of putting a puppy gate at the bottom of the stairs so at least the cats can go up there if they want to get away from her. also so i dont have to worry about the dog getting into the litter or the cats food. but anyone have any advise about bringing in a new puppy to make it least stressful for all of them.
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getting new puppy friday getting a little excited just hope it dont stress out the cats much we have had enough of that lately.
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give rescue remedy prior to puppys arrival /// 30 minutes I think ...

leave puppy in carrier and let the cats sniff ...

Keep an eye on puppy close for the first few weeks//// little dogs can be overlyt curious and are so little it is hard to tell agression vs rowdy play
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Also do not throw the cat and pup together let them meet on own terms
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what is rescue remedy? never heard of it.
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There is also a plug in for dog like feliway for cats.
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Since no one has mentioned the obvious, make sure there are areas the cat can get to that the dog cannot. Cat trees are perfect for this. Introduce them slowly, and keep the dog leashes the first few meetings. Supervise their time together for at least a month. Keep the dog away from the litter boxes. Devise a way to keep the dog out of the cat food. Trim the cats nails. Teach the dog simple manners like sit, down etc. so you can more easily control the critter madness.
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Shih-tzu's are so cute aren't they?? I have a Lhasa Apso that is fabulous with my cats the smaller foo-foo dogs, as I call them, seem to be pretty good with cats, I like to think it's because the dog is the same size as the cat so the cats don't feel very threatened. I think the idea of a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs is a great way to start, that way the cats can get away from the pup. just watch for the pup chasing the kits, and try to discourage him from doing that
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A puppy gate is a great idea - expecially for small dogs. And you can put the cat's food up higher so they can eat in peace.

I'd crate the puppy and let the cats investigate on their own of the "new" member. The puppy too should be trained in basic commands - that will help a lot. If the pup is not trained yet, start the puppy obedience classes as soon as you can.

For the most part, small dogs are more catlike in size and not so overwhelming. We have a lab but when we got her she just had a litter of pups a few months before and kinda mothered the kittens we had inside. She's very well trained and doesn't bother them in the house.
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yeah also the cat food and everything for the cats are upstairs. so puppy couldnt get near it. my mother brought the puppy with her last visit and the cats seamed ok the oldest and biggest stayed upstairs the whole time and pouted lol but must have forgiven me cause he still slept with me lol. the middle cat tormented the puppy while it was in the kennel by sitting right in fromt of it like haha cant get me. ill let u all know how it goes once they relise this time she is here to stay. one question though the youngest kitty seemed to like the puppy food. didtn eat alot of it just nibbled here and there we wont be free feeding the puppy so food wont be out all the time but would a little bit here or there hurt it?
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nice link ty.
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