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Regarding Deadly FIP alert

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I just adopted 3 cats at the shelter in Manhattan a week ago (Center for animal care and control)
2 of the kitties are fine and spirited but the third one got very sick the first day I borught them all home.
She refused to eat or drink water and peed on herself. She seemed very listless and depressed.
She felt very wamm and I rushed her to the vet.
The vet took her temp as 105. The vet told me it was just an upper URI, but I wasnt so sure. He talked me into puttign her on antibiotics and forced feeding.
That was four days ago and i picked her up today.
She looked slightly better but not much at all.
I asked the vet to once again swaer to me that th ecat 'only' has an URI and not FIP and he told me he was sure she has a uri, btu i should keep her away form my other pets for a long while.
I brought her home and she still wont eat or drink water and seems incredibly depressed despite lots of warmth and caring from me.
I ve had two cats die of FIP when I was a teenager and this seems intuitively to be FIP NOT a uri................WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ???? please tell me ! Thanks
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If you are that uncomfortable with the Vets diagnosis get a second opinion....
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I agree. It costs, but sometimes being certain you've covered all bases is worth it.
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There's so many other things than can cause what you are describing. I would take her to another vet and have them do an Elisa titer on her.
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As of today the sick cat is still nto eating or drinking water on her own. And now my second adopted cat of the three is also sick all of sudden, throwing up, runny bowels and egg white like fluid coming out of her mouth and nose and has gone from bouncy to depressed and not moving.....
Taking thme both to the vet first thing in the morning.
Wish me well.
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I don't have any advice but I was reading this thread and I was wondering how your cats are doing now?
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If your kittens really have Fip , there is nothing much you can do .... Just fight the symptons (fever) , but no cure . It is also a very contaguous virus towards your other cats ; so be sure to keep the healthy ones apart !!
My Sydney is also in the middle of tests if possible having FIP .. . It is a difficult period , but you are not alone !!! Let us know how it goes !!!

this is Sydney after he had an ultrasound-test on his heart !!!

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