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Singa's sterilized now

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I had my baby sterilized today. I really feel sorry for her. She is sooo weak.

When will she be generaly over it? The vet said it will tale a weel for it to heal. But I actually should be going to work tomorrow. And I have a business event tomorrow evening...
I really don't want to leave her at home alone. And this silly satellite dish hinders her when going to the pee box

Anybody some thoughts on this?
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Awww she'll be fine, and yes it takes about a week before their tearing around the house again

My two both had their e-collars on, especially Sophie because she pulled a stitch out after 2 days If it's causing her a problem on the litterbox it may just need trimmed down a little because i had to do that with mine.
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Oh! Thats a good idea! Thanks! I havent thought of that... but how much of the plastic is necessary for her not to touch the wound???
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Singa's so fortunate to have you taking such wonderful care of her and doing the best for her health by having her spayed! It's completely natural for her to want to not be quite her self the next few days. She'll likely want to sleep, avoiding her usual activities and play, and her appetite may be a little decreased. Continue to provide her with a nice comfy, undisturbed spot to rest, plenty of fresh water, of course, with her litter tray easily accessible along with lots of love and sweet talk.

An example of something to report to your Vet immediately would be any signs of infection at her incision site, such as redness or drainage. As for her fashionable new satellite dish, you can judge this by making it just the right size for her to not be able to lick her tummy. Sierra and Serenity never had need for an e collar, as they didn't bother their stitches. Be observant of Singa's behavior and allow her to guide you as to whether or not she should be left without supervision tomorrow. For my girls, I planned several days to be home with them.

Singa will be completely back to her darling little self before you know it! Feel better soon, little girl!
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Rosie and Sophies e-collar was trimmed so it was about 5 1/2- 6" deep
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Ok I think we have a problem now. Since the 'satalite dish' was such a big problem for her, I took it off. I stayed home to watch her tho. Just now she went into her house to sleep. Then I suddenly realized she was just hding from me to lick at her wound!
It is still ok. A bit red tho. I decided to put the collar on her again and she absolutely hates it!!!
What can I do so that she is more comfy and still doesnt lick her wound???
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Aww, bless her. You have done the best thing for her though. I have always made mine wear collars, just to be on the safe side. Never had probs with them getting in and out of the litter tray though, so can't help with that.
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Yay for getting your precious cat fixed! She's beautiful!

I never made Zissou wear the "satellite dish" but she didn't ever lick at her stitches. They were the disolvable kind, though, I don't know if that makes a difference. I wouldn't be too worried that you have to work tommorow, I'm sure she'll be fine-- probably just sleep.
Cut her collar down far enough that she has no problem eating, drinking, or using her box, but not so far that she can get at her incision.
I know somebody on here made a little jacket for the cats so they couldn't lick themselves but also didn't have an e-collar. I tried doing this with an old t-shirt sleeve but failed miserably!
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The collar is useless she cant stand it and always runs towards the wall and just stands there face at the wall (no idea why). Her stitches are also the disolving kind, but still she licks them so yesterday they seemed a bit irritated when it happened and I wasn't fast enough to stop her.
I now made her a something lke a jacket from a kitchen towel. She doesn't like that either but she copes with it better than with the collar. only weird thing is that she will walk around with bent knees and have her claws a bit out so I can hear her walking about the wooden floor She seems to be a bit anxious. Whipping her tail from side to side. I rally have no idea what this means either.

The towel doesnt cover the whole wound tho, but maybe it is still enough for her to stop going at it.

I now have to go to an event for 2 hrs. I hope she'll be fine when I leave her alone now. She doesn't seem too sleepy anymore.
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She should be fine left alone for short periods of time. I have never used an e-collar either, but have had kitties worry me by licking at the incision a lot.

Thanks for getting her spayed, because that is the best thing for her health!
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My cats all wore e-collars, they adjusted in no time. I took them off for eating or when I was closly supervising, all other times they had it on.
They were all licking too much so it was for their own good that they wear the collar.
I hope singa recovers well.
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When PEbbles had the op on her leg, I was told that as her stitches are dissolvable, she doesn't need to wear a collar - this is the first time any of mine have had dissolvable stitches though, and 2 weeks later I can still feel them.
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I have to take Singa back to the vet today. She hasn't done her #2 since last Thursday!!! I am a bit worried, as her eating behavior is normal. She does not pee very much either.

Also the vet didn't do a good job on the stitching. The wound is still not ok. Very red and wet. The suture is very wrinkled. The skin is somewhat folded and stitched together and it doesn't look very nice - a bit bulky or knobbly.

I really hope she will be well soon.
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