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clay litter changes?

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how often am i supposed to completely change out the clay litter? i have a large box that i fill up with 3 inches as it says on the bag, but i'm not sure how often i'm supposed to change it out.

by the way, so far i love it. no odors yet, but the clay is starting to seem "wetter." it's been a week so far. i had to leave the crystals cause it was like stepping on glass...felt like Bruce Willis in Die Hard every morning.
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Well, you're bound to get several different answers on this one! It really depends on how many cats you have. The more cats you have, the more often you should clean the box and put in fresh litter. I can usually go about a month before completely cleaning and changing the litter for my girls. Sometimes, however, I do it more frequently depending on the odor.

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Is it clumping, or non-clumping litter? The former usually only needs to be completely changed every 2 - 4 weeks, depending on the number of cats and the consistency of the clay. The non-clumping clay usually has to be dumped once or twice a week.
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Ordinary clay (non-clumping kind) holds way too many odors. Has to be dumped and cleaned twice a week minimum. I hate the clay litter. I use the clumping kind and since you remove most of the wet/poop anyway it only gets totally dumped and cleaned about once a month.
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