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Thirsty Adolescents

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My 4 month old kittens have been eating solids for months now, but are always keen to have a suck from mum. is this bad for the mother. my vets say just to separate them but that is impossible, as whenever they are feeding, wrousing, pulling them away, and moving them to another room is no use, as they are back within a minute. the mother has given up pushing them away as they are too persistant. is there anything i can rub on the mum's nipples that is safe, but tastes bad so they are deterred? ANY OTHER PEOPLE HAD SAME PROBLEMS? one vet said it wont hurt the mum, but another said that this extended suckling is bad for her. please, i need your help. THANKS
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Generally it is 7-8 weeks of age that the kittens are fully weaned from mom. If they are sucking her at this late stage, you can try spraying bitter apple on her teats, but better than that, just take mom and remove her entirely. She could probably use the rest from the youngun's and at 4 months they also need to know she isn't going to be around forever. I would think by now, her milk has gone away anyway and this would just be an irritation to her. Poor girl!
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If mom's a domestic cat, I would take her in to be spayed. She will be gone for a day or so and when she gets back, she should be away from them for a few days. By this time, the babies will have eased up.
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My friend has a female cat, now spayed, who still allows her year old kittens to suckle. Of course the only thing they get is a feeling of contentment. Heck, my neutered male cat, age 7 months, lets the current kittens nurse on him. He grooms them, plays with them, then lays on his back, sacks out and they just nurse away. Just one or two, not all 6. I checked his little teets and they are not red or irratated so I don't think they are really sucking hard. No harm to his teets and no harm to the kittens.

That reminds me, I once had a cat who mock nursed on my male dog. She'd kneed his stomach and make sucking noises while her nose was pressed on his stomach. That little angel got out accidently and was hit by a car. I thought I'd never get over that trauma.

It won't hurt mom or baby. I'd just keep an eye when she gets spayed to make sure the kitten isn't pulling at her sutures. For that matter when you get her spayed keep them seperated a few days. But don't expect them to forget each other over night. If mom is one of those cats who just adores being a mom, she'll let her baby nurse forever. And I think that kinda sweet. As long as it just bring enjoyment, so be it.

Let us know what happens.
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Thanks everyone for your advice. she was spayed about 2 months ago, so that was not the problem. Hissy, I'll try that bitter apple, Good Idea. Your story, Patsy made me feel much better. i'll get back to you on how they go. Everyone, thanks again
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