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Feline Birthday-party Ideas!

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Here's something I received via an MSN newsletter today:

Pets & Animals
FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2001

How to throw a birthday party for your cat

By Karen Commings

"Fishyssoise," I call to my 12 cats as I put out fish-flavor cat food for the whole gang. (That's fishyssoise as in vichyssoise, the cold soup.)

This is a special treat, reserved for special occasions--like the birthday of Pokey, my oldest cat. When Pokey turned 15 recently, I decided to have a small, intimate celebration: just me and the cats.

Birthdays are all about gifts. For myself, I purchased a cherry pie at the supermarket and awaited a quiet time after the kids had stopped smacking their lips when I could have a piece of it with a cup of hot coffee. For Pokey, I purchased several large catnip-stuffed mice, figuring the others would want to play, too.

Pokey promptly ignored the new mice and chose to play with his well-worn catnip sack instead, then went to his foam kitty bed and took a nap. (Cats are incurable creatures of habit and remain so as they grow older, birthdays notwithstanding.) The stuffed mice are still on the living room floor where we opened them. Occasionally, 13-year-old Pepper hugs and kicks them until the catnip aroma makes her drowsy, then she moves on to a warmer spot. I'd call the party a smashing success.

Pin the tail on the doggie, anyone?

When Pokey turned 3, though, I threw a big party and invited all my human family members and friends. My sister made Pokey a "cake" by shaping canned cat food into the form of a cat's head. She used dry morsels for the nose and eyes and sprigs of fresh catnip for the whiskers. At that time, I had only three other cats, so they each got a present on the others' birthday. Watching cats open gifts is always amusing to humans.

If your cat appreciates human guests who lavish lots of attention on her, a people party for her birthday would be fun for everyone. Invite your best cat-loving friends. Serve them birthday cake--try using icing to outline a cat's head, whiskers, nose, and eyes on top! Get some cat-themed decorations from your local craft or card shop. Make up party games to amuse your guests: Fill a jar with dry cat food morsels and have guests guess how many are inside, or ask your guests to list as many books they can with the word "cat" in the title. Award prizes such as cat magnets and cat books.

Make your cat a party favor using a paper muffin cup filled with treats, dry food, and a cat toy to play with. You might even want to make favors for your guests to take home to their cats. If your guests want to know what to bring for your birthday baby, suggest toys, cat food, treats, hairball remedy, grooming tools, containers of catnip, or (if your friends are extravagant) a carrier, scratching post, or cozy cat bed.

Remember, though, that birthday celebrations need not be complicated or extravagant. The important thing is to make your cat feel special. Letting your cat know how much you love him and how much he means to you may simply involve some extra play or grooming time or some new treats. That's how I celebrate most of my cats' birthdays these days. (Having a dozen cats keeps me from wanting to be any more ambitious.) But the kitties always appreciate the extra attention and a new toy.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate, remember that it should be fun for your cat most of all. If he wants to hide from the guests or sleep through the festivities, let him. It's his day, and he should spend it however he wants.

©2001 Microsoft Corporation.

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That is so cute!! There are some pretty good ideas here. Thanks for the info. I can't wait for Lily's birthday
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Great ideas!!!!! Thanks!!!!
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