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Lumpy Tummy

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Hi all,

I have two kittens and their mama. They are about 6 months old. I THINK they may be entering 1st heat. But here's the question. One of them, has a lumpy stomach. I think (she's long haired and HARD to tell) that they are near and around her nipples. Has anyone heard of this. I'm kind of worried, cause if it's bad, I know we can't afford to do much for her. I'd think she'd be too young for something serious like cancer? I hate it too, cause she has the BEST personality of any cat I've had.

PS. All of them are females and she doesn't EVER go out. She's had all her 1st shots and is just now ready for the Rabies vaccine.

Thanks for reading this!!

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The only way to really tell would be for a vet to see her. I take it that both kits are females, so pregnancy is probably not an option.
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Get them to the vet for a check up and spaying unless you're a professional breeder and breeding for show confirmation or something.

Keep us posted.
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I took my cat to the Vet this week with the same problem. A lump in her tummy. (She had kittens a month ago, and I was really worried one had been retained inside.)

The vet checked Lucy and told me the 'lump' I could feel was actually her bladder!! Shes a small, slim cat, so it was easily felt. Im not worried anymore.

Get your cat to a vet, it may be nothing, but its best to get her checked out.
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