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new cat on the block

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hi everyone good to be here with all you wonderful,
CAT lovers.
i want to ask a question i have an 8 yr. old manx he is strictly in doors, he was diagonosed with liver spots about 2 yr. ago he sometimes gets flare ups, i would like to know if any one has had any cats like this? he is over weight and i have been cutting back on his food, he weighs around 22 pounds, he gets constipated a whole lot he was sick on saturday but he seems ok now, my husband was laid off from his job a few months ago and its been really hard on us as far as money goes, i know my cat booboo needs a physical but right now we are just trying to get by.
anyway good to find some cat lovers to chat with. see ya around
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Hi iluvcats2
I can't tell you anything about liver spots but I wanted to welcome you to The Cat Site. We do have others here who are very knowledgeable and give excellent advice, they may be able to answer your questions. Also, the cat related forums here contain information on a wide variety of subjects and are constantly changing. They are a good way to learn new information.
I hope you enjoy yourself here and I hope to see you posting often!
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I also wanted to welcome you to the site. I don't have any experience with liver spots, either. Just the local welcome wagon!

You may want to post your question in the Health & Nutrition forum where more of our health experts will see it.
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lorie and heidi
i will try the nutrition/health boards
lorie i do beleive cats have big hearts.
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I am moving this post over to Health and Nutrition, so that maybe someone with an answer will be more likely to see it.


P.S. I also deleted the other thread you posted so that the information isn't duplicated.
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I havn't heard much about liver spots and cats. I would maybe talk to the vet about a payment plan and have some bloodwork done, there may be something else going on.
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